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from Rum Bar Records :
Trenton City rockers via Boston delivering action packed, working stiff, hung over punk rock n roll anthems with a twist!!Who the heck invited these guys to the party??!!  Well we did, and they have saddled on up to our roster and family with their Rum Bar Records debut…Jay Allen and the Archcriminals “self-titled” Digital EP in hi-def, un-breakable, working-stiff punk rock & roll sounds, blasting outta yer speakers!!  Oh, and we have beer koozies too!!They hail from Boston, Allston, and equal parts Brighton MA, with roots stemming from their punk rock youth inTrenton NJ!!!  City Gardens meets The Middle East, churning out fist raising punk rock anthems w/gang vocals ala Naked Raygun, Pegboy, 7-Seconds, and the originators Ramones, yes we said it and we mean it….Jay Allen has been playing around the Boston Music Scene for what now seems pretty close to an eternity, occasionally peeping out from obscurity. Starting as the drummer in Quest for Tuna (1983-1992), and moving to vocals and guitar in 1984 he started another project, Thumbcramp, in 1989-1993, Bosley from 1993-1998, and started appearing on punk rock bills playing solo acoustic in 2000. He released a solo record in 2003, on Clamarama Records, entitled, “Fun is Fun, But This is Unsanitary”. And in 2007 Jay Allen and The Archcriminals were formed releasing their CD, Fun is Fun, But You Gotta Be F*#kin’ Kiddin’ Me also on Clamarama Records in 2010. In a line-up shuffle, Henry Ryan (The Skels, The Sprained Ankles) was ordained as the bass playin’ Archcriminal in and joined by Larry Litigot (Penis Fly Trap, Padded Hell) about 6 months later to form the current line-up.

Jay Allen – Lead Vocals, Lead & Rhythm Guitar / Henry Ryan – Bass, Gang Vocals / Larry Litogot – Drums, Gang Vocals

“Chopped Liver” ©2003 / “Over and Over”©2015 – QFT Music ASCAP Written by Jay Allen

Produced, Engineered, Mixed by Eric Rice Edmonston at Klub Kent Studios, Quincy, MA – Mastered by Danny “The K” Kopko

Track by Track is written by the Artist who make the music possible. All text below is from the band…

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“Chopped Liver”
It’s all about good love gone bad with a backdrop of Jewish cuisine. Chopped liver, blintzes, Chinese food, herring, no white bread or mayo allowed. all pave the path to pathos with a quick nod to his majesty Fred G Sanford coming to join his one and only Elizabeth.

“Over and Over”
An anthemic punk rock ditty punctuated with sly non-sequitur references to the greatest of all time. Bobbin’ and Weavin’, Rope-a-doping, Floatin’ like a butterfly, and stingin’ like a bee.

Jay Allen and the Archcriminals :


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