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Track by Track is written by the artist telling us about their work. That being said, this is a band you want to tune in to, a voice that demands attention , with music to match, good stuff…..I like this a lot!!

so we are a rock and roll / psychedelic band called STIFF CATS

Here is our most psychedelic track – Electric Velvet – the title taken from a quote from the prolific book by Tom Woolfe ‘The Electric Kool-aid Acid Test’. The video was filmed on a nudist beach near Barcelona… and embodies our sound as a throwback to sixties culture…. The song was written after a psychedelic experience on that beach and embodies a spirit of freedom and exploration of the unknown ‘I don’t wanna go home’

Here is our latest video ‘Splinter’ – which has a heavier vibe, and with the lyrical theme of infidelity and sexuality. The enjoyment of the body. The video features a phenomenal trapeze artist and we filmed it in a squat house in Barcelona… the ghost of another lover appearing in the background…. The inspiration comes from a relationship I watched going wrong – one of our old bandmates – tricked into a child…and then marriage.

This is the last one –MANIA, a homage to insanity. we were losing our minds in a small town “I’m going insane… from feeling the same… day after day after day…” In this video I appear dressed up in my mother’s wedding dress. Among the ruins… –

Stiff Cats:

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