The Twangmonkeys Make Rock And Roll Not War!

Oliver Blees and Marcus Trappe The TwangmonkeesThe Twangmonkeys are singer-guitarist Buddy Olli (Oliver Blees) and drummer Marcos Los Trappos (Marcus Trappe) and they come bearing raw, trashy surf rock ska punk pop from Saturn (by way of Germany). Eclectic as they are playful, The Twangmonkeys have been rockin’ out as a duo for the past two years.

Oliver Blees

Hello Amanda,

…. before The Twangmonkeys, I started a band called “King Garage” (2012-2015) including Marcos LosTrappos (Marcus Trappe) on drums and 2 other member (a bassplayer and a girl on backing voc), but it ended up how bands ended up ….. in bad mood … urgh …. LOL …. Marcus and me decided to go on with that jangling-schrammeling garage-pop-sound as a duo, cause we got the similar humor and we love the songs that we play together. He beats the drums how I would play the drums and he likes that guitar sound I tried to find. So … this is perfect. We work with these minimal elements, we both sing, in which Marcus is more backy. I compare his singer role with the voice from B-52´s (sometimes I think, he´s Fred Schneider). We influenced by Pixies, Black Keys, The Prisoners, The Specials, Coathangers, The Dirtbombs . . . . . . The Minnesota Voodoo Men!!!!!!! We got a death bassplayer Lady Death (She doesn´t play any note and she doesn´t sing)   HA HA HA 🙂

Check out The Twangmonkeys in action Live from the Monkey Lounge in Kevaeler!

The Twangmonkeys will be playing Kingsday Festival Venlo April 27th, in Limburg, Netherlands. They’ll also be twangin’ it up in Grevenbroich at with Die Planeten on September 8th at Kultus –Das Café. They will also be playing the Escalate Festival at the Altes Casino in Euskirchen on November, 8th. Mark your calendars and pack your bags!

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From Left: Jonathan “Little Hammer” Wolf, Los Trappos, Carley “Carazy” Wolf, Buddy Olli

The Twangmonkeys have also spearheaded a worldwide movement that’s become very near and dear to my heart … Make Rock And Roll Not WarIn these trying, uncertain times, Make Rock And Roll Not War is now my rallying cry and I know I’m not alone, here!

Oliver Blees

MAKE ROCK AND ROLL NOT WAR was a coincidence, in dec. 2014  I googled that sentence….. and there was NO MATCH!!!!!!! NOOOOOOO MATCH!!!!!!! So I declared it to a TM in Germany. Via my FB-friendlist I promoted a shirt-campaign to push it worldwide. Marcus is my co-worker at the campaign MAKE ROCK AND ROLL NOT WAR…. last year in April The Ghost Wolves from Texas made a support gig in cologne, but we missed their show, cause we were to late, but we had a nice talk with them the whole evening. Carly (sic) and Jonathan named a June-festival in Texas MAKE ROCK AND ROLL NOT WAR…ha ha ha cool.

Ghost Wolves MRRNW

The Ghost Wolves Make Rock And Roll Not War!


Make Rock And Roll Not War at Hotel Vegas

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