THE SONICS ! Brand New Album – 1967 Is Back With A Bang…




Artist: The Sonics
Home: Tacoma, Washington
Current line-up: Jerry Roslie (keys/vox), Larry Parypa (guitar/vox), Rob Lind (sax/harp/vox), Dusty Watson (drums/vox) and Freddie Dennis (bass/vox)


History: The band was formed in 1960 (!). Amongst their noisy contemporaries were rackety guitar bands such as The Kingsmen, The Wailers, The Dynamics and Paul Revere & The Raiders. All bands with an aggressive, wild and rousing ‘in your face’ rock & roll dynamite sound. Quite heavy stuff for those days. 100% middle finger drones. The Sonics co-influenced the evolution of garage rock, punk and any other musical volcano outbursts. They never achieved the commercial success they truly deserved, although many famous bands covered their songs. Over the years they split and came back all the time. For a detailed flashback see the ‘biography’ link beneath.
Album: ‘This is the Sonics’ is their brand new album – their first since 1967 – just released !
My impressions: Hard to believe that this longplayer is recorded in 2015 – after all these years The Sonics sound as if the aging process is for everybody except them – from the first notes of opener ‘I Don’t Need No Doctor’ it’s frantic 60s punk rock all the way – no wanking ‘Stairway to Heaven’ guitar solos and no Bob Dylan poetry – instead you get their timeless, legendary formula: furious guitars on speed, steamy saxophone punches, psychedelic organs and Gerry Roslie’s non-stop ferocious vocals. If you’re 15 and you want to start an all devastating rock & roll band buy this record, play it with the volume turned up to the max and take many notes, after you smashed your parent’s ugly furniture of course – it’s 1967 today, folks, useless to resist The Sonics’ return !
Highlights: I Don’t Need No Doctor / Bad Betty / The Hard Way / Sugaree / Save The Planet / Spend The Night ..

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Let’s roll – this is the SONICS…


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