The Sad Punks: Dancer

This is my first post here, and I want to start out with a band I’ve been wanting to write about for a while.

I came across Dancer by chance. “Do Ya Blame Me” was the first song I heard, and after casually pressing play, I ended up listening to it over and over. When Dee Dee’s melancholy voice kicked in, it took me back to a time in which high school afternoons were a daze of punk music playing on my hand-me-down stereo–The Clash, Richard Hell, The Modern Lovers. I can’t think of any generation of musicians that kept me more company during high school than the Blank Generation, and Dancer reminded me of that era of sad punks: defeated, dry, unglamorous; but at the same time, decadently romantic.

San Francisco based, Dancer released their first 45 on Daggerman Records. The EP featured “On The Run,” “You Got It Man,” and “Shirley In Love.” They also recorded “Let’s Get it On” for the No Rules No Fun Compilation.

They later released the EP My Car Drives Fast on Guitars and Bongos Records. The EP features three tracks: “My Car Drives Fast,” “Jodi,” and a cover of J.D. Buhl and The Believers’ “Do Ya Blame Me.” Their sound on their second EP is reminiscent of American nostalgia for ’50s pop music, the glam rock scene, New York punks, teen-angst; and their sluggishly romantic attitude is something I love.

Their following EP was Bitchin’ Heat for Grazer Records. The guys are the same, but now their sound is closer to late ’70s punk like The Romantics and The Cars. They recently recorded a 45 for Chocolate Covered Records, and are performing around the Bay Area. Check ’em out!

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