THE RELAYS – ‘Power Guitar Pop’ from Manchester … Interview and Debut Single !

The Relays-800

* Who’s who: from left to right in the car… James Borland (Lead Guitar), Ben Harrington (Drums), Adam Redmond (Vocals/Guitar) and Paul Hitchen (Bass Guitar)
* Home: Manchester, England
* Formed: in 2011
* Sounds: Indie / Guitar Pop / Electronic
* Influences: The Verve, Stone Roses, Foals, The Beatles, Velvet Underground, The Chemical Brothers…
* Works so far: pre-release free download ‘You Invented Horror’ / debut single ‘Last Night She Said’

As every music junkie knows, lots of big bands came/come out of Manchester. Don’t need to mention names I guess. I think The Relays have the potential to extend the long ‘we are born to be rock ‘n roll stars’ list of that exciting musical City of Northern England. They already have a bunch of big tunes worked out. But their offcial debut single ‘Last Night She Said’ is brand new… a couple of (loud) plays and it will stuck in your head…
The relays Single-800

And here’s the other catchy as hell tune… ‘You Invented Horror’ (the pre-debut single-release / free download)…

Now it’s time to talk to songwriter and frontman Adam Redmond to find out more about the band…

Hello Adam… tell us, how did the band started off?
The band began in 2011. James and I had been writing together and recording bits of music in John Kettle’s studio in Wigan. The demos we made were really good so we decided to try and find a bass player and drummer. We knew Paul and Ben from two other bands and asked them to join. We were rehearsing in a friend’s back garden and a guy (who turned out to be a promoter) asked us if we wanted to play a show. We didn’t have a name and had to make one up on the spot. We’d just been playing a Who song called Relay.

What’s the story behind debut single ‘Last night she said’?
The song is pretty much about going out on the town and not giving a fuck about what situation you might end up in. It’s about being young and getting lucky.

The first time I saw the single’s video, scenes of the movie ‘Fight Club’ crossed my mind. Was that movie an inspiration?
The video was directed by John Surdevan in Manchester. From the beginning he had this idea of a fight scene. He said he couldn’t get it out of his head, that Rocky feel. The song has that minor key, menacing feel to it. The guitars are dirty and the drums are unorthodox. I suppose when you watch the video, the way it is set out in a warehouse and the colouring of the film, it is quite similar in feel to the basement scenes in that movie.

Is the band already working on the debut album, if so will the other songs on Soundcloud be part of it?
We are working towards an album rather than on an album. We’ve got tons of material recorded but, as we’re making all this up as we go along, we’re going to see what happens in the next 6 months before we make a decision on a definite album release. We’ll probably put another single out first but either way there are some tunes which will definitely make it… ‘Under Different Stars’, ‘(Like A) Satellite’ and ‘Epic 45s’ will be bankers for the album. (probably)…
(note: you can check these songs out on the Souncloud link below)

Any gigs outside the UK planned in the near future?
Nothing is set in stone, but we’ve talked about it and we definitely want to do it. We want to play as many festivals we can next summer so it will probably be the back end of the year. We’ll see where we are at, but it would be fantastic to get the records heard in Europe and the US/Canada. We’ve already been asked to play so fingers crossed we can make it happen.

Thank you, Adam, for taking time to do this interview…

And here’s some more info and music:
The Relays on Soundcloud
Single ‘Last Night She Said’ on Itunes

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