The Punk that is Beach Slang

Days when an indie folk sound seems to be taking over the airwaves there is a punk rock band here to shake things up. I had the honor of attending Beach Slang‘s show here in Nashville at The End on Monday night. And for a Monday night, after a holiday weekend no less, this crowd showed up in strong number. The End was a perfect place for Beach Slang… Dive Bar, Monday night- totally punk rock. The bill also included bands Worriers and Lithuania. Each with new music coming out and each rocking out on stage as if they had something to prove or nothing to lose, I’m not sure which, but it kicked ass.

And now confession time… I’m only now really discovering punk or maybe slightly rediscovering. I mean I’ve heard the mainstream stuff (The Replacements, Dead Kennedys, The Clash, The Ramones) and it’s always been in the back of my brain but holy shit! Watching them play and jump around and scream and “strum” well more like rip at their acoustics like a mad bunch of crazies made me realize I fucking love punk music and especially punk rock shows. Suddenly so much made since. Life and passion at its core and maybe most raw in music form. James Alex is truly genuine and just gives so much. He lets his passion take over on stage. He loves this with every fiber of his being. Lyrics drenched with naked truths and cutting to the heart of emotions.

On a lighter note, it was much like comedy hour onstage for Beach Slang guitarist Ruben Gallego, aka Rubes. He’s hilarious and witty and had me laughing so hard in between songs. They would just be talking and messing around, then bam into a hardcore punk riff and that conversation we were all just laughing about was history. The music was talking now.

And talk it did. Beach Slang‘s newly released EP, The Things We Do To Find People Who Feel Like Us, is noisy ecstasy if there ever was. James Alex’s honesty shows through on his songs and everything in between. I think he went through two guitars on stage, which is exactly the kind of stuff he writes about in his songs. Gracing the audience with a cover of “Bastards of Young”, which they nailed, showed everyone was on point. You really get a sense that they love what they are doing and having the time of their lives on stage. If you ever get the chance to see them live, don’t miss out. Overwhelming sincerity, honesty, punk and even poetry is what I will take away from this amazing show.

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