Remember when I said that I was done with the specials? Yeah, well umm about that… Apparently my CMW Special was well received by listeners so I was asked if I would do a NXNE Special. Let me tell you folks, that was some crazy assed idea.

If you missed my blog/ rant about on how to get the most of out of your NXNE experience you should check it out at least once maybe twice. There are quite a few bands that I wasn’t able to play for two reasons. I wanted to keep the show short since it’s a four part podcast, but even then I could have easily fit in about 20 tracks per show, and I didn’t.Why didn’t I? Some of the bands were kind enough to send me tracks, the other tracks came out of my own pocket. Yup, the only downside of being a DIY podcaster. My music purchasing for the show is limited.

Here’s the track list for my Wednesday Picks. (and of course it’s always hyper-linked on the website.)

Dearly Beloved – Olympics Of No Regard
The Cliks – Savanna
Bugs In The Dark – Serpents and Wine
The Beaches – Little Pieces
Fevers – Dance Cry Dance
Gold Beach – Skin Of Yours
Old English – Anchors
I Hate Todd– Holiday With No Rest
Scruffy and the Janitors – Shake It Off
Mexican Slang – Blood
The Lifts – What’s Her Face
The Mad Ones – Leather Rug
Briar Rabbit – Sleepwalking

And here’s the list of the other Wednesday picks and of course it’s a twitter list, but you can click on their links in their bio as well. Go on a music search yourself, you just might enjoy it!

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