Are you ready for the Thursday picks for NXNE? No? Too bad! Here’s the part two of this mayhem and nonsense. The best part about these specials is that it’s almost a guarantee that it’s an eclectic mess of music. If you are just catching up now, I already ranted about not managing to fit all the bands I wanted in and why in the previous show.. Which is right here for you to listen to, in case you didn’t .

And of course the playlist with hyperlinks.
Heat – SusIsFine
Seoul – Stay With Us
Kill Matilda – Already Dead
The Split – I Can’t Stand It
Elizabeth – These Lines Are Drawn
Michael Rault – Lost Something
Dan Croll – From Nowhere
Beach Day – Beach Day
Bloodshot Bill – Right Out The Door
Mainland – Shiner
Drugs In Japan – Dead Butterflies
HSY – Slimeball
Sam Coffey And The Iron Lungs – What I have Become
Holy Child – Happy With Me
And yes, once more this is just a small picking of my picks for the NXNE festivial. Check out the other picks via my twitter list.

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I could list all the links but I am lazy so this is the only link you need to my nonsense

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