THE MARBLES JACKSON ! Debut Album Out Now – Natural Beauty…

Artist: The Marbles Jackson
Members: Terry Kirkbride (guitars, vocals, percussion & mouth organ) / Naoko TakaHashi (guitars & backing vocals) / Simon Gwynne (keys, guitar and sound effects) and Mikey Belfast Gibson (bass)
Base: Hackney, London, UK.
In their own words: “We are a lo-fi, dreamy, shoegazy, slowcore(ish), epic, woozy, alternative band…”
Debut album: ‘Notes To The Dust’ – just released on Feline Frequency Recordings.
How was it for me: The Marbles Jackson create intimate, floating soundscapes driven by vulnerable lead vocals and profound harmonies destined to make you dream away, to make you forget the irritating bustle of daily live, to make you slow down and enjoy existence consciously – the first time I listened to the album was on that very first sunny day (of the year) just last week, sitting in an easy recliner with headphones on – the music filled my mind gently and made me feel at ease – for all clarity, I am/was not on drugs or any hallucinogen (a bottle of white Chardonnay wine is no dope, it’s a delicious drink – best served cold – to quench your thirst on a warm day) – the quartet’s firstborn just seized me spiritually and made me think regularly of Jeff Buckley’s soulful ballads – it is music for nature, music to listen to far away from noisy, colorless cities as we know them – their ‘byrds’ harmonies and the overall velvet vocals are the very heart of this atmospheric debut and essential for the band’s cinematic achievements – explore, discover and relish…
Highlights: If Symptoms Persist (Nothing Wrong with Me) / All The Best Things / No More Feeling Like / I Want Never Gets…

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