The Living Eyes – “Horseplay” from the Forthcoming Album “Modern Living”

Man I have a love affair with Australian bands. It seems you can’t swing a Koala without hitting some amazing, fresh sounding rock and roll band.

The Living Eyes from Geelong are dropping their third record “Modern Living” out November 17 on Anti Fade Records and Neck Chop Records in the US and “Horseplay” is the first single.

The Living Eyes are purveyors of rock and roll that’s unrestrained and played with velocity. If you’re missing The Marked Men,  “Horseplay” will scratch that itch!

Preorder from Anti Fade HERE or wait for Neck Chop.


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Domestic now, but spent early to late 80s playing drums in a hair metal band in Toronto. Since then I've lost the hair and have found new ways to scratch the rock and roll itch.

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