I am sure that you are asking yourself ; dammit Nikki will these specials ever end? You’ve put out 3 podcasts with no Joe Strummer tracks. You sold out to the maaaaan! But seriously folks, it’s a specific festival and although I am super creative I do have my limits. And this gives the EatKS a break from the Joe Strummer x3 cause apparently folks have complained in the past. WHAT??? ANYWAY ……..

This is the last of the EPIC NXNE music festival podcast. How the hell did I start this journey and search this nonsense out? Well in case you didn’t read the first memo.
. Yes, it’s a short show, but folks, don’t feel ripped off by the length of the show. Just think of it as that I have saved you sooooo much time and you don’t have to click on every band at the NXNE website to hear bands. Cause you were gonna do that anyway right? Right!

Just in case you forget you can get the previous shows by scrolling through the website. You don’t have time for that? here’s the handy dandy link thing of somesorts.

NXNE Wednesday’s Show

NXNE Thursday’s Show

NXNE Friday’s Show

Don’t forget here’s your link to the bands that well I didn’t play on the show but are just as awesome cause I put them in a list.
Also you don’t like my picks? Perhaps you can check out Show Gopher to listen to the tracks at your leisure or check the schedule that The Scene Magazine has put together of their picks for the week.
And finally after all that reading. The Playlist

Unfinished Business -Trying Not To Laugh
Unfinished Business – Epic Fail
Dead Leaf Echo – So Wrong
Death Hymn Number 9 – Gospel
Young Mother – A Very Nice Centerfold
Fresh Snow – French Horse Hall Of Fame
Rulers Of The Moon – Prision Yard
Slivergun and Spleen – Runaway
WTCHS – B DAS RAD – Heavy Flow
Brat Kings – Girl, Quit The Cocaine
King Creep – Can’t Dance
Pet Sun – Eat My Baby
First Base – I Don’t Wanna Be Your Dog

This was one of the craziest podcast series I have ever done, so I am going to thank you the EatKS listeners AND BANDS for all your support. You listening, tweeting out the links, sharing on other social media platforms, spreading the word makes this nonsense all worth it. Much love to you all!

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I could list all the links but I am lazy so this is the only link you need to my nonsense

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