Are you ready for the Friday picks for NXNE? You realized this was a week long festival right? Right???? Here’s part three of this mayhem and nonsense. I possibly went a little “mainstream” with some of my picks this time. Judge all you want, some “hyped” musicians deserve the hype. Don’t give me that , “I’ m not attending NXNE, so this isn’t relevant to me” As if music isn’t relevant.

The best part about these specials is that it’s almost a guarantee that it’s an eclectic mess of music. If you are just catching up now, I already ranted about not managing to fit all the bands I wanted in and why in the previous show, and the previous show before that. This time I did not bitch about it. If you want to catch up on the last two shows here’s the links cause who wants to scroll down right?

Wednesday NXNE Picks

Thursday NXNE Picks

I know. I get you.

And did you know that some bands that didn’t make the podcast still made my picks for NXNE? WHAT?? Here’s the link to my other picks.

Here’s the playlist.

Benjamin Booker – Violent Shiver
Swearin’ – Hundreds and Thousands
Odds – Someone Who Is Cool
St. Vincent – Your Lips Are Red
Swans– A Little God In My Hands
Pet Sun – Serpent Buzz
Ketamines – You Can’t Stop Time
Happy Fangs – Hiya Kaw Kaw
Balancer – House In the Clouds
SNOWMINE – Saucer Eyes
Kalle Matson – Darkness
Thought Beneath Film – The Art Of Giving Up

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I could list all the links but I am lazy so this is the only link you need to my nonsense

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