Record of the Day Baby Fuck That by The Dead Lovers

50thirdand3rd’s Record of the Day is here with “Baby Fuck That” by The Dead Lovers. A song that is fresh and new, provocative and intriguing with a contemporary nod to the sounds of the 50’s and 60’s. If you don’t know them, meet the Berlin based band, The Dead Lovers. Describing their sound with “If Morricone, Amy Winehouse and Jack White were forced to write and record songs together in a small tent, this is how it might sound.” Lead by Lula and Wayne Jackson, the vocals are hauntingly sexy with a vintage undertone in those fuzzy sounds reaching deep down into the depths of your soul. “Baby Fuck That” is a track off of their debut full length album, Supernormal Superstar. An album loaded with these luscious sounds on all twelve tracks, available for download on their bandcamp page.

The dead lovers

Vocals, Guitar / Wayne Jackson-Vocals / Lula-Keyboards / Mickey Hardt-Bass / Chris Lippert-Drums / Oskar Alpen

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