The Darlingtons – Guitar Driven Melancholy … Interview and Brand New Single !


* Who’s who: from left to right… Dan Young (guitar) – Alex ‘Biz’ Bispham (bass guitar) – Kiran Roy (vocals and guitar) and Chris Holmes (drums)
* Home: South West of England
* Formed: 2011
* Sounds: alternative rock / post-punk
* Influences: Velvet Underground, The National, My Bloody Valentine, The Horrors, David Bowie…
* Works: ‘Decades Dance’ album (2012) / Brand new single ‘ Don’t Give Me Hope’…

After hearing for the first time their melancholic, yet uplifting & heavily guitar driven music combined with Kiran Roy’s moody vocals and the sad lyrical style… The Darlingtons left me totally intrigued behind. I wanted to explore their music furthermore.
Brand new single ‘Don’t Give Me Hope’ is the best proof of that ‘push the repeat button’ feeling I had . Their songwriting skills and anthemic sound are all over the place. The song starts kind of slow , builds up in the middle and explodes then in an overwhelming ‘guitar’ wall of sound. Epic ! Hear it for yourself…

To convince doubters here are 2 of my fav tracks from the 2012 ‘Decades Dance’ album
‘Ship at Sea’…
Naturally I wanted to know more and I got in touch with the band. They answered my questions in ‘team’, no ego’s there. Hello… pleased to meet you

How did the band came together and started off?
We started in college. We had all been friends for a while and been in different bands before so it just seemed to make sense.

What’s the origin of the band’s name?
We knew a guy called Bob Darlington who helped us out when we started. He helped us get gigs when we were younger and in different bands. He supported us when we started out. He doesn’t have involvement with the band now as such, but we do still have a small shrine dedicated to him at our studio…

What’s the story behind the debut album’s title ‘Decades Dance’?
We had a song called ‘Decades Dance’, basically just a song about how time and technology move in cycles. Although the song didn’t make the album we liked the name.

On your website I read ‘The Darlingtons are a shoegaze band’. Which bands of that genre and era are you feeling related to?
We’re not purely a shoegaze band, it’s more the sound of our guitars that make it slightly shoegazy. And it’s more noticeable in our newer songs. But we are really into My Bloody Valentine and the Jesus and Mary Chain.

Is the new single a taster for a new album in 2014?
We would love to do another album and we entirely plan on doing so but in 2014 we’re just going to be releasing singles and E.P’s as well as touring to build on our existing fan base.

Any plans for gigs outside the UK next year?
We’re hoping to be going back out to Italy for a few dates. Nothing else outside of the UK planned, but who knows what might come up.

Thank you for this interview!
I’m sure The Darlingtons will give hope to many in the future

More info and music:
The Darlingtons on Soundcloud
‘Decades Dance’ album on Itunes

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