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This was our 1st interview, way before we moved to this site. When we made the transition, we brought some of the best stuff to our new home.  With the release of the new singles, this is a good time to post this for the 1st time here.

1. If you where time traveling to any music scene where would you end up? and why?

Becca: It would’ve been really exciting in the mid-fifties when Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley and the whole Chess Records scene was exploding. It ‘must’ve seemed crazy at the time. My heart also lies with punk (on both sides of the Atlantic), the Clash, X-Ray Spex, New York Dolls, Joan Jett, Ramones. I’m heavily influenced by this era, it just feels how rock n roll is supposed to be. There were a lot of shit bands at that time too but those bands who had it were just magical. I guess I’m always trying to capture that energy and passion in my music. I’ve always been a rebel.

Duncan: I wouldn’t describe it as a scene but I would have loved to have been around in the late forties to mid fifties. The beginnings of Rock n Roll and some fantastic Jazz, Gospel,Boogie Woogie and Country artists still in their hey day. I’m obsessed with the forties and fifties in general but especially love the music, films and fashion of the era. I guess it’s just escapism from my present surroundings but there’s always been an appeal.

2.Who or what inspired you to become an Artist, how or in what way?

Duncan: The Manic Street Preachers were the band that got me hooked into music and made me want to be in a band. Growing up in a small market town and seeing these outsiders on tv not giving a fuck, ranting against the establishment whilst also being fans of Kylie and wearing Marilyn Monroe t-shirts was mind-blowing to me. It made me realize that I could escape my dreary town through music and films even if it was just for an hour or two a day. Since then I’ve wanted to be in a band, mainly for an outlet for frustrations and escape but later through a sheer love of music.  As a drummer I’ve been heavily influence by punk, psychobilly and skiffle in the basic primitive set up I have. When I first started to learn to play I listened to bands like The Gories, Demolition Doll Rods and The Cramps. I’m not particularly musically gifted so I like to keep it as simple as possible.

Becca: I was brought up listening to 50s/60s and 70s music, we used to have record playing nights at home, and I’d love looking through my mum and dads vinyl’s. Then I did go through the whole teeny bopper/boy band phase but started getting into music seriously in my mid to late teens. It was when Britpop was exploding in the 90s and I used to watch these bands and think “I could do that”. That’s when I started to buy weekly music magazines to discover bands and I got truly carried away with rock n roll. It felt like a religion to me, and still does. I asked my parents for a guitar for my birthday and I never got one! So I went out and bought one with my own money and taught myself a few chords.

3.If you were able to sit under the table and listen in on any two people talking past or present , who would they be and why?

Becca: Rather than the clichéd answer of Einstein or Elvis or someone equally famous Id be far more interested to hear my own ancestors from hundreds of years ago. Just to experience what their lives were really like and their personalities. I’ve got a great interest in social history, it fascinates me.

Duncan: It’s a pretty strange question so have never given it much thought. Eavesdropping can be quite fun on the bus or train but to actually choose two specific people would be a little weird. Charles Bukowski and Hasil Adkins having a conversation could be quite entertaining. Two people who didn’t really get on with other people but had a necessity to write and make music and had a very passionate and specific idea of how it should be done.

4.If you were to write a book about yourself, what would you name it and why?

Duncan:I don’t know, something witty or a really bad pun .It’d  have to be a good title because there’s not much to write about!

Becca: Dream Baby Dream. Because I’m a total creative dreamer and it sums up my attitude to life. . It’s also the title of a new song which will be on the next album…(exclusive!)

5.The wah, wah, wah and the other voice inflections in Mirror, Mirror, how did that come about, and do the two of you still have the time to be DJ’s at your favorite clubs?

Becca: When I write music the lyrics and melody just come to me naturally so it just flows with the riff I’m working on! I like to get really involved in the songs and performance. It’s just my style, its all part of the art.

I used to DJ a lot and started a couple of club nights a few years ago but just don’t have much spare time anymore. I have a job and a family so I’ve got a very busy life. I’m obviously a huge music fan and love buying records so I get a real buzz from D’Jing. I still do it occasionally at our night FEVER where we have a monthly slot at a bar , but most of my spare time goes into the band and writing music these days.

Duncan: Becca does all the writing and vocal so I’m not really sure. Most of the time she comes with a finished song and I just add some drums to it. She’s a prolific writer too so I’m always listening to lots of music for inspiration and ideas to include in my drumming. It’s great being in a band with someone so creative even though it can be a little daunting at times.

I still DJ a fair amount. I have a regular monthly slot in a pub in town that is the remnants of the club night Becca and I used to run with her partner. I also help out DJing for a mate who promotes a gig night called The Cool Cat Club. Just djing in between bands but it’s good fun. Clubs around here you normally have to promote your own nights and I just don’t have the time or energy to be doing that and being in a band and working full-time.  There aren’t that many decent places to go out in Dundee, especially for rock n roll, so I usually try and pop through to Edinburgh or Glasgow for a night out.

Interview made by Scott Rex /2013 © Copyright 50thirdand3rd. com /2013


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