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Conjuring a fiendish witches’ brew of primal rockabilly, grease-stained ’60s garage rock, vintage monster movies, perverse and glistening sex, and the detritus and effluvia of 50 years of American pop culture, the Cramps are a truly American creation much in the manner of the Cadillac, the White Castle hamburger, the Fender Stratocaster, and Jayne Mansfield. Often imitated, but never with the same psychic resonance as the original, the Cramps celebrate all that is dirty and gaudy with a perverse joy that draws in listeners with its fleshy decadence, not unlike an enchanted gingerbread house on the Las Vegas strip. The entire psychobilly scene would be unthinkable without them, and their prescient celebration of the echoey menace of first-generation rock & roll had a primal (if little acknowledged) influence on the rockabilly revival and the later roots rock movement.

Gotta love The Cramps….

The Cramps – 05 – Bad Music For Bad People – 02 – New Kind Of Kick

The Cramps – Stay Sick! – 06 – Shortnin’ Bread

People – 05 – She Said

11 Tear It Up


06 Psychotic Reaction

The Cramps – Stay Sick! – 03 – Bikini Girls With Machine Guns   (Official web site of The Cramps)

enjoy the tunes…long live, The Cramps!!!

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