The Bloody Nerve: Debut EP ‘Red’ & Interview!


* Who’s who: Stacey Blood (vocals, guitars) and Laurie Ann Layne (vocals)
* Home: Nashville, TN, United States
* Formed: early 2013
* Sounds: Rock N’ Roll
* Influences: Led Zeppelin/Rolling Stones/Leon Russell/The Band
* Works: debut EP ‘Red’/ follow-up EP ‘Blue’ soon out…

Imagine a mix of dark blues, addictive boogie woogie piano riffs, power soul, echoes of gospel harmonies (yes!) and old school rock ‘n roll: it’s an explosive cocktail shaked with genuine passion by The Bloody Nerve. The Nashville based duo’s voices are another very impressive ingredient of their exciting drink. Stacey’s voice seems to be best friends with bourbon and fifthy cigs a day and Laurie Ann’s voice has the power to wake up vulcanos. Oh… and one more thing that makes the picture complete: The Bloody Nerve look… ‘Cool as F*&k’ !
Enough said. Music maestro, please. Here’s the link to the ‘Red’ EP. ‘Place to Hide’ and ‘ Local Honey’ will rock your socks off… and ‘Find Ya Love’ will make us quiet again. It’s a moving, honestly sung ballad (you can also watch the beautifully crafted video of that song here below)…
Red by The Bloody Nerve

Needless to say I was intrigued to contact the band and hear more about them…

Hello Laurie Ann, hello Stacey… tell us about your ‘individual’ musical past?

Laurie: Growing up in New York I was surrounded by a lot of R&B and old school hip hop so that’s where I started vocally. I got more into rock as the years went by and I just started broadening from there. When you’re exposed to different styles you kind of dissolve the borders. What also comes with that is that you’re kind of all over the place. I think I reached for rock n’ roll because it offered the perfect vehicle to utilize everything I have. There’s no limits. Blues, ya know. You can do anything with it.

Stacey: Well, I group in a musical family so there was no escaping its sphere of influence. I was brought up to pretty much have the freedom to take interest in anything BUT music. But there were no surprises when I started being an artist in my late teens. My first band was in the mid 90’s The Hollowmen. We did the Sabbathy hard rock thing. Shortly after I moved to San Luis Obispo, CA at 18 with my family. That changed everything. I pretty much kept to myself as an artist. Always a studio rat. Writing, recording. Never saw much benefit to playing crappy gigs. To me that’s time better spent writing. So I have spent my whole life pretty much carving out my contribution to rock n’ roll. It has come in the form of The Bloody Nerve.

What’s the story about the band’s name and who came up with it?

Laurie: It just kind of fits us. Stacey’s last name is “Blood” so you can’t hardly not use that. The Bloody Nerve is us exactly. We don’t follow current trends, and it takes some bloody nerve to be original in today’s world.

After two powerfull ‘rockers’ the EP ends, a bit surprisingly, with a tender ballad (‘Find Ya Love’). Was it a natural impulse or a conscious choice to write this ballad and put it on the EP?

Stacey: There aren’t really many conscious decisions with us. We never made a conscious decision to make an EP. It just manifested. Then we had three more songs produced and we decided to do another 3 song EP and call it “Blue”. These things just happen in a minute’s time. ‘Find Ya Love ‘ was a song I have had laying around for a few years. Laurie always loved it and brought it up. As soon as the first words came out of her mouth it was a done deal. What’s most important is the songs. As far as that being mixed with more “rockin'” songs I have no issues. If Zeppelin can put “Going To California” on IV then “Find Ya Love” can go on Red.

When I saw the first pictures of the band… this crossed my mind: ‘Royal Trux’ is dead, long live ‘The Bloody Nerve’… is there something wrong with my mind or do you feel in some way related with that band?

Laurie: Never heard of them. You’ll have to sort that out Jean-Luc… (note JL: just made an appointement with my doctor, I’ll wear my ‘ Where Is My Mind ’ T-shirt)

Are you working on a full album yet?

Stacey: We aren’t working on a full album yet. Being outside of the confines of a record label who expects a certain kind of product at a certain time, we release music how we want. If you think about it, its sad that independent and especially unsigned bands are still locked into that mode of thinking. Its as if they are incapable of an original thought. It’s hive mentality. “Record ten songs. Put on album. Tour all year in van and go broke.” Nobody has to be force fed 10 songs at once any more because music doesn’t have any physical value anymore. What is an MP3 really worth? Those 3.5 megabytes. What are those megabytes worth truly? Nothing. That is why its so hard to sell music now because outside of the cost to create it, there is no perceived value. So they will only buy what they really , really like and not one track more.
This is artistic liberty now. Be artists. Be original. Think more about the art than making “albums” full of lousy songs nobody likes just for the sake of having them to fill the space. Unless the statement is the album, conceptually or something like that, so be it. But albums for the sake of albums is so fucking boring I can’t stand it anymore. Every song you make has to be good. And perhaps that is the natural correction of the widely trite and mediocre musical landscape we’ve been enduring for twenty years now. Some say longer.

Any plans for a big tour in 2014?

Stacey: No plans as of yet for a tour, but we’ll see what happens as the year begins. Still a lot of creating going on. We’re really focused on getting our songs out in the fold and making an impact on people.
Laurie: Performing will come but not until we’re done writing and being creative and turning out killer songs people even care to hear live.

Thank you very much for the interview, Laurie Ann and Stacey !
Here @ 50thirdand3rd we will be back very soon with the upcoming ‘Blue’ EP…

Links to the band:

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