The Black Lips – “Underneath the Rainbow”

boys in the wood
After three long years, The Black Lips have just officially released their 7th album today. “Underneath the Rainbow”. Sounding much cleaner than before (besides their last album, “Arabia Mountain”), the “boys in the wood” have managed to still sort of stick to their guns of doing things their own way.
Some of the songs were recorded with Patrick Carney from The Black Keys and you can totally tell which ones were (the bluesy ones). Along with the bluesy, there was plenty of the much loved garage style of theirs. This makes each song sound completely different, keeping their style the same…psychedelic punk? You never know with these guys, who once called themselves “flower punk”, and that’s one of their best qualities as a band. Their music is still keeping everyone on their toes…excited, psyched, and very happy!

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The Black Lips- Boys in the Wood

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