THE BEATLES ! ‘Help’ Number One in UK – 50 Years Ago…

The Beatles topped the UK singles chart 50 years ago – 5 August, 1965 – with the single ‘Help’, the title song of their 1965 movie soundtrack album. Millions of girls screamed again, back then, on hearing the Fab Four‘s new hit but the song was actually about John Lennon‘s depression at the time. “I was fat and depressed and I was crying out for ‘Help’ !” explained the working class hero afterwards. According to Paul McCartney the song was completed in a two-hour joint writing session on 4 April 1965 at Lennon’s house. These guys were natural-and-exceptional-poptastic-born-songwriters. Every second of ‘Help’ is brilliant. Maybe we all heard this song, as so many other Beatles pearls, so much that the musical grandeur of it escapes us today. In the following, legendary video clip Lennon jokes sarcastically about their latest ‘electronic noise‘ record. It’s a magnificent piece of pop electricity, written 50 years ago ! Let’s all scream…


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