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Let’s agree that all of these post are about one thing: the music. There are quite a few well know bands playing at this years Gonerfest. You have Jack, and Ty and Nobunny and then there are bands that we know of because we like garage/punk and we pay attention to what Eric likes/promotes and assembles for Gonerfest. The surprize band this year for me, is “Shadow In The Cracks” This is a side project of one of our favorite bands, Blind Shake. And now that Goner has put up a track off the upcoming album ( Goner Records ,October 2015) , we get to listen to some glorious noise from Shadow In The Cracks so rock n roll kids and turn this shit up as loud as you can…..

Gonerfest 12 / Tickets and Schedule
Goner Records

Playing Gonerfest in Memphis on Sept 26 in the day at Murphy’s with Black abba, Salad Boys, Ultimate Painting, and Giorgio Murderer!

Can you give us a little history of the band….

Shadow in the Cracks is the side project of the Blaha brothers from the Blind Shake. Formed in January of 2015. All songs are about survival.

Bands that you are influenced by:

Ethiopian jazz. Michael Yonkers.

Do you stop by roadside attractions if you see it on a billboard while on the road? If so what have you seen?

No stopping. Not even for gas. Always travel downhill.

Craziest story you can tell us about touring...

We haven’t toured yet…all the stories are still in front of us.

What albums did you have on steady rotation in High School:

Robert Johnson, John Lee Hooker, Bad Brains, DRI, Circle Jerks

What are you looking forward to the most when you think about Gonerfest 12....

Seeing all of the beautiful bands before time and gravity get us all.

Who are some of your favorite new bands….

Pampers, Ex Cult, Timmy’s Organism, NOTS, Thee Oh Sees. Of course, none of these bands are brand new but they’re on the rise and not on the reunion circuit.

Bands plans for the rest of 2015/2016….

Hit the road after the record comes out on Goner this October. We will tour during the months when the Blind Shake isn’t on the road.

Shadow In The Cracks, Facebook

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