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Today in our “Bands of Gonerfest 12 ” we meet, Ultimate Painting. Wow , what a sound, it won’t take you long to get a little touch of VU , nicely done. They also take you back to a little Big Star as well, beautiful melodies and harmonies all around . And lets throw one another name out there …REM , Ultimate Painting have that wall of sound that early REM had but I’m not a critic and I’m not trying to put “labels” on Ultimate Painting, I love all the bands I mentioned and Ultimate Painting is a killer of a band as well. Ultimate Painting reminds me of listening to Bands that I have on a short list like Parquet Courts and The War on Drugs, they have a timeless sound that defies labels , all you can really say is…dude , this is some serious good stuff that deserves our immediate attention , without a doubt in my mind their new album ” Green Lanes” will be on my best of 2015 lists.

this is from Trouble In Mind Records / Ultimate Painting

Jack Cooper & James Hoare are Ultimate Painting. The two formed a fast friendship when Jack’s band Mazes were on tour supporting James’ band Veronica Falls, sharing similar tastes in music, art & films. It wasn’t until after returning home that a musical synergy was formed. After numerous demos were exchanged, a few casual jam sessions turned into something more; a partnership. Christening themselves after a piece of art by the Southern Colorado desert community (and fanciful geodesic dome builders) “Drop City”, the lads set to work recording their debut proper.

RIYL: Mazes, Veronica Falls, Velvet Underground, Feelies, Parquet Courts, Television, The Kinks, Pavement, The Bats

Can you give us a little history of the band….

James: Jack and I met while are two bands (Mazes/Veronica Falls) were on tour. Shortly after we started recording in my flat, we’ve released two LP’s in the last ten months.

Jack: Like he said

Bands that you are influenced by…..

James: The Beatles, The Grateful Dead, The Velvet Underground, REM, Stereolab etc

Jack: Grateful Dead

Do you stop by roadside attractions if you see it on a billboard while on the road? If so what have you seen?

James: We stopped to look at water park in the desert on the last tour

Jack: I feel deeply disillusioned after visiting this little Mexico place somewhere near Myrtle Beach

Craziest story you can tell us about touring …..

James: One night in Munich we all took acid and speed and went to a drum and bass rave. I can’t really say what ended happening exactly but it was a mentally scarring experience.

Jack: Touring in itself is pretty ridiculous

What Albums did you have on steady rotation in High School.

James: Nirvana Unplugged, Beatles ‘Live at the Star Club’, Three Feet High and Rising,

Jack: Pretty similar to James… The Beach Boys were my first love and then G-Funk.

What are you looking forward to the most when you think about Gonerfest 12….

James: Soaking up the vibes.

Jack: Excited to see Salad Boys… I saw Nobunny in London 6 years ago and it’s in my top ten shows of all time. So Nobunny! Did Box Elders start a new band? Air Conditioning Eunuchs… I’m gonna try and track down Andrew Earles. Bother him

Who are some of your favorite new Bands ….

James: The Twerps, Grim Grim, Parquet Courts

Jack: Some good UK bands… Monotony, Good Throb… this NYC band called WALL.

Bands plans for the rest of 2015/2016

James: We’re on tour till the end of November then we’re going to start recording LP number 3

Jack: Figuring stuff out… staring into the abyss etc

Some Tunes that you will dig…

Ultimate Painting:

Trouble In Mind Records:

09/10 Empty Bottle – CHICAGO, IL w/ CoCoComa, Runnies
09/12 The Bishop – BLOOMINGTON, IN w/ Normanoak
09/13 Happy Dog – CLEVELAND, OH
09/15 Adelaide Hall – TORONTO, ON w/ Century Palm
09/18 Rough Trade NYC – BROOKLYN, NY w/ Pale Lights, Wall, Green Pages
09/19 Middle East Upstairs – CAMBRIDGE, MA w/Herbcraft, Soft Eyes
09/20 Bearsville Theater – WOODSTOCK, NY w/ Mikal Cronin, Cairo Gang
09/21 Cosmic Ping Pong – WASHINGTON D.C.
09/22 Local 506 – CHAPEL HILL, NC
09/23 The Earl – ATLANTA, GA
09/24 TBA – NASHVILLE, TN w/ Salad Boys, Paperhead
09/26 GONERFEST 12 – Murphy’s – MEMPHIS, TN
09/27 Doublewide – DALLAS, TX
09/28 Mohawk – AUSTIN, TX
09/30 Soda Bar – SAN DIEGO, CA
10/01 Satellite – LOS ANGELES, CA w/ Morgan Delt, Dream Boys
10/03 Hemlock Tavern – SAN FRANCISCO, CA w/ Greg Ashley, Swiftums
10/04 Siren’s Song Tavern – EUREKA, Ca
10/05 Bunk Bar – PORTLAND, OR
10/06 Vera Project – SEATTLE, WA
10/07 Stage 112 – MISSOULA, MT
10/08 Diabolical Records – SALT LAKE CITY, UT
10/09 Quixote’s – DENVER, CO
10/24 – Lata de Zinc – Oviedo, Spain
10/27 – Sala Sol – Madrid, Spain
10/30 – Kilbi dankt Allen – St Gallen, Switzerland
11/04 – Bungalow & Bears – Sheffield, England
11/05 – Soup Kitchen – Manchester, England
11/06 – Old Hairdressers – Glasgow, Scotland
11/07 – Beacons Metro Festival – Leeds, England
11/08 – SWN Festival – Cardiff, Wales
11/12 – Start the Bus – Bristol, England
11/14 – La Maroquinerie – Paris, France
11/17 – Ilses Erika – Leipzig, Germany
11/18 – Acud – Berlin, Germany
11/19 – Wildmax – Hamburg, Germany
11/22 – Alstadt – Eindhoven, NL
11/23 – V11 – Rotterdam, NL


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