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Gonerfest 12 is just a few days away!!!!
Tickets are now on sale for Goner Records’ twelfth annual international music festival, which will take place September 24-27 2015, in Memphis, TN. Goner Fest 12 will include three evening showcases at the Hi-Tone, a Friday afternoon show at The Buccaneer, a Saturday afternoon ten band blowout at Murphy’s, plus opening and closing shows at the Goner Record Shop gazebo.

Tickets/ Schedule

our 12th and final Meet The Bands of Gonerfest 12. Counting the Bands we have covered through Interviews and other Meet The Bands that adds up to 15 Bands that we have spotlighted for Gonerfest 12. We end this years Interviews with Nowhere Squares. You can label their music however you like but I would ask you to include the words crazy and fun and we know that without crazy and fun it just isn’t the same kind of rock ‘n’ roll ride.

I would like to thank all the good folks at Goner Records especially Eric and Madison for helping us get into contact with all of the bands and for helping us spread the word through their social media sites. It’s been a pleasure and a honor to work again this year with one of the most respected labels out there- Goner Records. Integrity and Vision add up to something and they are both in abundance at Goner Records.

Paul – Nowhere Squares started way back in 1996 because Paul and Justin had a burning desire to start a band that simultaneously showcased their geekdom and was a therapeutic “self help” outlet for frustration … Music to spazz your blues away to! “Nerdcore” was born! Members have come and gone, but currently the lineup is Paul Wilm : vocals, Justin Cordes : guitar, vocals, Spencer Shoults : drums, Andy Sizemore : bass and vocals, and Jennifer Freehling, keyboards and vocals

Justin – Band history: we started in Montevallo, it’s a college town south of Birmingham, AL. About ’96. Paul and I started it. Andy is our 3rd bass player, Spencer is the 2nd drummer (although he’s been in since like the first couple years) . And Jennifer is the new keyboard player.

influential bands

Paul – Billy Childish, early Kinks, early Who, The Makers, Squeeze, The Smiths, Howlin Wolf, The Registrators, Teen Generate, Bikini Kill

Justin – Paul and I both had a thing for a lot of British stuff from the Kinks up to the Buzzcocks. And Billy Childish records. . Spin (spencer) is into a bunch 80’s stuff like XTC and the Cars and Devo and it sort of shows up.

roadside attractions

Paul – Truckstops are as good as it gets with us, but we do enjoy dabbling in the local treasures to be found at these mundane yet curious places! Love’s truckstop has some astounding knick knacks, depending on which state you’re in!

– we’re generally late for shit, so, roadside attractions get passed up , whatever . Although if you see Paul in person ask him about a kid at an Iron Skillet truck stop between Tuscaloosa and Birmingham.

craziest touring story

Paul – I’ll have to stay that it was when we were staying with a band called Kill The Hippies in Ohio and they took us to a swimming pool. I decided it would be fun to try and do a handstand on 2 boogie boards at once and ended up breaking my arm! But that didn’t stop us! It definitely gave the shows a more exciting (if pathetic) edge!

Justin – Cant tell any crazy tour stories without possibly smearing a band member. So no.

Music in High School

Justin – High school was mainly Dead Kennedys, Fear, Ramones and so on.

looking forward to

Paul – we’ve been trying to get on Gonerfest for years now, so … playing!!! But yes, I can’t wait to see the bands, hang out with them and just experience the whole shabang as an inside part!

Justin – Favorite Gonerfest things: the backyard at Murphy’s, seeing friends i only see a few times a year, music, the possibility of sleeping in a car.

favorite new bands

Paul – I like a bunch of new bands from the B’ham area = Wray, GT, Dead Balloons, Eleven Year Old, Freaky Deakys, In Snow … the list goes on!

Justin – Favorite new bands: Ausmuteants, Nots, Spartan Dreggs. I’m not very good at keeping up, so I been listening to a bunch same records forever. Rich Crook’s band Thing is very good.Favorite new bands: Ausmuteants, Nots, Spartan Dreggs. I’m not very good at keeping up, so I been listening to a bunch same records forever. Rich Crook’s band Thing is very good.

2015/2016 plans

Paul – we’re putting out a “best of” CD on Step Pepper Records called “Raised By Girls” just in time for the fest and in Feb. of 2016 the band will be 20 years old (!) so we’re releasing a video documentary! Also that year, we’ll be putting out a new EP and maybe a full-length! Aging is a blast, so far!

Justin– make more songs and record em. Play shows.

Nowhere Squares:

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