The Bands of Gonerfest 12 – Meet, KIT CONVICT & THEE TERRIBLE TWO


Gonerfest 12, is fast approaching but there is still time for you to get your tickets and make some plans to see the coolest bands assembled for your pleasure, in the great city of Memphis..
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Today in our continuing series “Meet The Bands of Gonerfest 12” we meet up with Kit Convict & Thee Terrible Two. Anyone who pays any kind of attention to what I like to listen to , understands the importance of using a “Thee” in the bands name. It’s the history and if you’re going to have the balls to use it, you best be doing it proud, and I’m telling you Kit Convict & Thee Terrible Twos are kicking ass. I mean ,this shit is good, bro. Usually when I need a fix of primal gut pounding rock ‘n’ roll , I’m looking to CTMF or anything else that Mr Childish is touching , nice to know that I have someone else to fill this urge to sing along to some all old school basic off the hook rock ‘n’ roll.

Can you give us a little history of the band….

We come from the caves of Melbourne, Australia, and we play minimal garage punk psych. Emerging from hibernation just over a year ago, I sought out the two most musically lawless men in town – known as Thee Terrible Two, they’re the flawed bare bones rhythm section I was searching for. We cut an album of 17 songs a couple months in and it’s now out on vinyl through Convicted Records, Off The Hip and Matadero Recordings.

Bands that you are influenced by…..

We really relate to the no-frills approach of bands like Thee Headcoats/ Billy Childish, The Gories, The Cramps, and The Mummies.

Do you stop by roadside attractions if you see it on a billboard while on the road? If so what have you seen?

We’re always on the lookout for the next truckstop. They come with the stench of sin and mansweat, so we fit in well. Another favourite Australian game on the road is spot the roadkill. Those roos are everywhere.
Craziest story you can tell us about touring …

We did some great furniture re-shuffling in Tasmania recently – the hotel’s feng shui needed some work. We’re handy like that.
What Albums did you have on steady rotation in High School.
We constantly banged fists to the The Mummies and The Sonics beat. That raw, cracked sound and those wild vocals. The Stooges, MC5, Dead Moon, 13th Floor Elevators, The Monks featured a lot too.
What are you looking forward to the most when you think about Gonerfest 12….

We’re dead keen to play to the like-minded garage punk loving Gonerfest-ians. We’ll be getting amongst it for bands like Ex-Cult, Ty Rex and Nobunny, and it’ll be great to meet up with Wet Ones and Nowhere Squares, who we’re doing some other shows with. We’ve all been wanting to go to Gonerfest for years, the lineups are always right up our alley.
Who are some of your favorite new Bands ….

Well Total Control are great (Mikey Young mastered our album), Ausmuteants, Midnight Woolf, King Khan & BBQ Show, Wet Meal, The Shabbab, The SMB…
Bands plans for the rest of 2015/2016

After our tour of the states we’ll come back to Melbourne and finish off album number 2. It’s halfway done and sounding primal. Watch this space.

dig on this….

Kit Convict & Thee Terrible Two:

you gotta see them if you get the chance…



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