The Bands of Gonerfest 12 – Giorgio Murderer


Giorgio Murderer plays Saturday Night Sept 26 at Murphy’s 10 Band Blowout

for tickets and schedule visit Goner Records/ Gonerfest 12

Q: Can you give us a little history of the band….

A: My history is your future. In my time, the entire western hemisphere has been cordoned off with a psychic force field to prevent the grey goo there from engulfing the other half of the planet. What remains of the human species lives as nomads, fighting a guerrilla war against the cybernetic armies of the Ghost Warlords. I, Giorgio Murderer, most powerful and wisest of the 6 psychic powermasters, was sent back to the year 2011 to destroy all 12 of the Ghost Warlords before they were born. Now only one remains. Just kind of waiting it out right now. I don’t want to change the future too much for the next few weeks because it might fuck up my schedule. I’ve got a bunch of data I haven’t backed up and shit, too.

Q: Bands that you are influenced by…..

A: Edge of Etiquette, Soulful Dynamics… early Scott Grove. I like to listen to a lot of Los Hamburguesameisters on the weeknights. Just a lot of standard shit.

Q: Do you stop by roadside attractions if you see it on a billboard while on the road? If so what have you seen?

A: No, fuck that shit. I would rather keep driving, honestly.

Q: Craziest story you can tell us about touring …..

A: Whenever we tour through the southeastern United States it’s always very emotional for me. Everything is almost just like it was when I was a child, before everyone in North America died from nanocorruption. Sometimes, to distance myself from those memories, I assume a false identity, introducing myself to everyone as Ron and telling them that it’s my birthday.

Q: What Albums did you have on steady rotation in High School.

A: Nazi Death Camp, Sick Thoughts, Liquids, No Bails, Los Hamburguesameisters.

Q: What are you looking forward to the most when you think about Gonerfest 12....

A: Sonny Vincent

Q: Who are some of your favorite new bands ….

A: REPULSARS, The Beerdudes, The Leather Porpoise, that new band that the REAL Snuffleupagus is in (I forget what it’s called), Prismatic Scimitar, and you can call me a wimp or whatever but I’ve really been listening to that new 7″ by the Crumpledumplings a lot lately.

Q: Bands plans for the rest of 2015/2016

A: A Giorgio Murderer LP, a live Giorgio Murderer record in some format, and a Giorgio Murderer computer game.

Second single from Buck Biloxi’s mesh-shirt-wearing synth punk alter-ego is every bit as dumb, brutal and amazing as his debut on Goner last year. Only one man in the world can use a keyboard to create a sound so raw and primal. On Lazer Lord, GM tells us about what it takes to be a true Lazer Lord. It is so powerful it needed its own outro. Computer Simulation is on the B-side for a reason. You must own it.

Buck Biloxi’s synthetic doppelganger, doppelgangbanging all over the place. All over your face! Where Buck Biloxi’s guitars stumble and crumble, GM’s cheap synthesizer burps and passes out. Confused malevolence remains intact. Includes a “cover” / “homage” / “tribute” / “re-enactment” of Three Six Mafia’s “Studio Time.”

Giorgio Murderer:

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