The 50thirdand3rd Interview With – The Pandoras


I am extremely pleased that The Pandoras , answered a few questions for us. This is a Band , rich in history but more importantly you will pick up that they are having the time of their lives right now being back together . Music and Friendship are a powerful combination ….

The 50thirdand3rd Interview with – The Pandoras

For those not familiar with your history can you give us a little history of the

lineup of the band.

Melanie: Paula Pierce had been playing in The Direct Hits/ Action Now

when she decided she had wanted to form an all girl garage band. She

along with members from the first lineup played their first Pandoras show

in April, 1983. On the eve of the release of their first full length album on

Voxx/Bomp Records the band broke up. Soon after I joined the band along

with Karen in June 1984. Weeks later we recorded our first single Hot

Generation/ You Don’t Satisfy on Voxx. Kim joined in 1985 and we

recorded and released Stop Pretending on Rhino Records. We went on to

sign with Elektra Records. In late 1987 Sheri joined on drums and we

released an album on Restless Records. The last Pandoras show ever

played was in October 1990. Paula passed away on August 10, 1991.

Karen: What Melanie said ^^

You have a show coming up in July. Who’s idea was it to get back

together, how did it all come about and more importantly, are their

plans for a new album

Kim: as I understand it, Sheri was having a party for her husband and

thought it would be fun to have a little jam. I was on tour with the Pixies so

I couldn’t do it.

Sheri: Various people from “The Pandoras Fanpage” on Facebook started

asking for a reunion. We were having a party for my husband’s, birthday

with a band, so I thought it would be fun to have us gals come up for a few

songs. Kim was on tour with the Pixies, so she couldn’t do it.

Melanie: Sheri asked would you want to play a couple of Pandoras songs

for my husband’s party.

Karen: It’s all Sheri’s fault!!

Who were your rock hero’s growing up…..

Kim: I loved all of the Beatles. Still do. Ray Davies of the Kinks, Dean


Sheri: The Cars is my #1 all time favorite band. Heroes include: The

Beatles and David Bowie

Melanie: The Beatles, The Yardbirds, The Zombies, The Easybeats,

Cheap Trick, The Jam, Big Star, Ramones

Karen: Elton John, the Beatles, The Zombies, the Association, The Beach

Boys, XTC, The Go-Gos, The Bangles, X, Elvis Costello, The B-52s

How do you see the legacy of The Pandora’s…

Kim: Our job is to play music and entertain. That whole legacy thing is

none of our business.

Sheri: We are enjoying playing our favorite tunes by The Pandoras,

honoring our dead band leader, Paula Pierce.

Melanie: It’s just incredible to play with these awesome gals!

Karen: It’s so fun bringing Paula’s songs back to life! So much fun to play

them live again.

When you were all starting out , did you see yourselves as part of a


Kim: I don’t think of music like that. I loved the Pandoras from hearing You

Don’t Satisfy on Rodney on the Roc. I saw them live a couple of times and

I was in awe of Paula’s aggressive persona and growly voice.

The sound of the Pandoras was so different than the stuff I listened to.

Sheri: I joined in ’87 so I can’t really answer!

Melanie: I did hang out in the 60’s garage scene and that’s how I became

friends with Paula. It was just a fun time with great music and cool people.

Karen: We were part of the Paisley Underground and the garage rock

scene, but we also expanded beyond that. I was not aware of the scene

until I saw The Pandoras play live at the ON club, prior to my joining the

band. Seeing guys with long bowl cuts in the audience and fur vests was

fascinating to this valley girl.

Are you having fun being back together….

Kim: It’s unbelievably fun.

I never thought I would ever play with these amazing girls again and now

all these years later we are a super tight knit band and hang out and talk

all the time.

Obviously I wasn’t playing guitar or singing lead in the Pandoras before so

I had a ton of songs to learn.

Sheri: We have THE BEST time together. We laugh, we play, we joke, we

rock out! For me, it’s fun and nostalgic playing the songs. My mind is

flooded with memories at every single rehearsal, and I enjoy playing songs

that I truly love and would listen to even if I wasn’t in the band.

Melanie: I love it!

Karen: Totally!! We all get along great and this band kicks ass!

Craziest story you can tell us about life in The Pandora’s…

Kim: Our 1986 tour manager Kent Smythe pulled down his pants at an

airport and tried to take a shit on my teddy bear.

Sheri: In 1988 while driving up to San Francisco on the 5 Freeway, our

tour manager Kent Smythe took a shit out the van’s window.

Melanie: The poop stuff with Kent and seeing the faces of the people in

the cars driving behind us.

Karen: I can’t top the poop stories.

Bands that are on current high rotation….

Kim: I’m really liking the New Trocoderos right now.

Sheri: The New Trocoderos, The Connection, Kurt Baker, The Empty


Melanie: Bullet Proof Lovers, The Rubinoos

Karen: The Love Me Nots, Palmyra Delran, Courtney Barnett, The Verbs,

favorite albums from back in the day…..

Kim: Kinda Kinks. Meet the Beatles.

Sheri: The Cars 1st album, The Cars Candy-O, The Beatle’s Red,

Revolver, Blue Album, The Modern Lovers, Pretenders 1 and 2, Blondie

Parallel Lines and Eat to the Beat, David Bowie Station to Station, Aladin

Sane, Man Who Sold the World

Melanie: The Yardbirds – For Your Love, The Beatles – Beatles 65, Flamin

Groovies – Shake Some Action, Cheap Trick – In Color, Heaven Tonight,

Elvis Costello – My Aim Is True, Zombies – Time of the Zombies, Big Star –

#1 Record

Karen: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road-Elton John, Pearl-Janis Joplin, Super

Hits-The Beach Boys, Glass Houses-Billy Joel, Beauty and the Beat-The

Go-Go’s. Bangles EP-The Bangles, All Over the Place-The Bangles, Rio-

Duran Duran, Eat to the Beat-Blondie, More Fun in the New World- X, The

B-52s – The B-52s, Bouncing off the Satellites-The B-52s

thoughts on the “State of rock ‘n’ roll”

Kim: It’s a lot of fun right now. Very much DIY right now. You don’t have to

hook up with a major label or waste money on a manager if you don’t want


Sheri: It’s a lot different than it was in the 80’s. Say goodbye to payola

and major label goons; say hello to social media. When did “Indie”

become a genre?

Melanie: I’ve heard some great new bands! Cool labels putting out vinyl

and cassettes again!

Karen: Current top 40 is pretty boring. I like what they play on the

Underground Garage and Rodney on the Roq.

Lots of bands making and putting out their own records and bypassing all

the middle men of the bygone big label days.

Music is back in the hands of the artists, especially with the technology

available to produce, put out, and promote your own material.

I love getting out to see live bands whenever I can. There’s nothing like

seeing music live and in person.

Will The Muffs open for The Pandora’s?

Kim: That would be fun. But I’d probably wreck my voice.

Sheri: As long as Kim doesn’t blow her voice!

Melanie: That would be double duty for Kim.

Karen: that would be awesome, but probably not practical.

Any plans for a Tour of The U. S. ….

Kim: We have some plans that are still unannounced but we aren’t going

to drive around in a van and slog it out that way. We prefer to do fly ins.

Much like the Muffs or Chuck Berry.

Sheri: What Kim said.

Melanie: There’s definitely some places that would be fun to play.

Karen: We have shows booked, but not really a tour in the usual sense.


Kim: You are in for a treat.

Sheri: Stay tuned!

Melanie: Can’t wait to play again with my pals for all of you.

Karen: Looking forward to playing live! We have so much fun, I’m sure you

will too.

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