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Today we have an Interview with Gateway Drugs, three of the members are family, Gab, Noa, and Liv Niles are the children of bassist Prescott Niles, who was a member of The Knack and the other member is Blues Williams a longtime friend of the others. This is a little write-up from their press….

Gateway Drugs

The question that has been keeping us up at night all these years – what if Sonic Youth and The Birthday Party got together and had kids – has finally been answered … and it’s Gateway Drugs. Hailing from the dark streets of sunny Los Angeles Gab, Noa, and Liv Niles are the real live children of The Knack’s Preston Niles. Blues Williams, a sworn in blood brother, rounds out the band.

Gateway Drugs shows are a controlled cauldron of total rock and roll inspiration. All members are multi-instrumentalist lead singers, and the vocals and instruments are thrown around like chainsaw jugglers up on the high wire, or kids who have been playing together since … well, since they were really little kids. Gateway Drugs are a mind-blowing, heart-altering mix of sex, chaos, bad thoughts, young dreams, and perfect pop hits … take it now.


What I like about this band is the fact that they can not be pegged into a certain genre or style, they call it “Drug-Pop” and that fits. You could also say that Gateway Drugs has done a terrific job combining all the things they soaked in growing up, tossed them all together and came up with something a little on the unique side of things. Cool vocals throughout the record, guitars are tight as is the rest of the band. This may be their first album but it could easily be their third, good stuff, give a listen. Follow them and see Gateway Drugs live if you get the opportunity, I know I’ll do my best to see them if they head into Florida…

For those not familiar with your background, could you give us a little history of the Band, and its’ members, when you decided to start up Gateway Drugs, that kind of stuff.

* Our band was started 4 years ago. The three of us being siblings, grew up playing music with each other. We met Blues playing in other bands, and he became a long time friend and Liv’s boyfriend. One day it clicked, we should start our own band. It was something we always wanted to do but were waiting for the right time.

The members are Liv Niles, Gabriel Niles, Noa Niles, + Blues Williams.

What was it like growing up in a Rock ‘n’ Roll Family, and what are some of your favorite Albums from those formative years.

* It was intoxicating and educational. All of us, including Blues grew up in an artistic family and developed an obsession with music. We were very fortunate to have our childhoods enriched in so much music, whether it was instruments lying around in every room or records constantly playing.

Some of our favorite albums growing up were : T Rex – “The Slider,” Suicide – “Suicide,” The Velvet Underground – “White Light White Heat,” The Rolling Stones – “Exile on Main Street,” Billie Holiday, “Lady Sings the Blues,” + The Cramps – “Psychedelic Jungle.”

How did your collaboration with former Blind Melon member Christopher Thorn come about ….

* Mutual friends, we love Christopher he’s become extended family. We’re used to recording ourselves. It’s hard to let someone else man the ship, but, he opened the doors to his studio and working with him was an amazing experience. We always felt inspired and heard. He pushed us creatively, we are so thankful to have made this record with him.

What was it like recording your debut Album in Dave Grohl’s Studio 606. And did you get to spend anytime with Dave..

* Recording at Studio 606 was short and sweet. We spent three days there, recording all of the music live. The staff there were so kind and helpful. We got to record through the legendary Sound City Board, which was insane. Dave was out-of-town, but we got to hang out with his portrait.

What were some of the highlights from your tour , and do you have plans to tour again this year…

* The Canadian Tour was definitely a highlight. We had never been there, and our first night we got to open up for one of our favorite bands, The Jesus and Mary Chain. Liv even got asked to go up and sing “Just Like Honey” with them. Another highlight was supporting Swervedriver for a U.S. tour and opening up for Ride. These bands had a major impact on all of us. To play with them, was more than a pleasure.

Can you tell us about the process of getting from the lyrics to the music, including how it all came together in the studio..

*The process varies. Sometimes the music comes first and inspires the lyrics. Or vice versa. We had a lot of finished material before entering the studio. The hardest part was picking only a handful of them that worked cohesively as an album.

Your sound seems to split genres, with maintaining roots in good old rock ‘n’ roll. How do you describe your music ….

* Drug Pop.

When does work on the next album begin…..

*We’re demoing now, everything is still in the early stages, we have a lot of songs to choose from. We can’t wait to get back into the studio.

Your thoughts on the “state of rock ‘n’ roll”

* As far as “mainstream” rock n roll, honestly it sounds like everyone is beating a dead horse. Nothing is original, and unless you’re Nickleback, or some horrible shit like that, it’s hard to get radio play. On the other side, a lot of our friends are in amazing bands or working for independent labels, that are keeping true to “rock n roll.” Labels like Lolipop and Burger records, bands like Cosmonauts and Death Valley Girls.

Any advice that you can give to my youngest who is 13 and just starting up his 1st band….

*It’s all about fun, and once you lose that, you have to go find it again. Stay true to you and be authentic, no matter what.

Any last thoughts that you would like to share with 50thirdand3rd gang….

*Thank you for thinking of us, and taking the time to ask us these questions… GD Loves You xx

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