Texas Garage Bands of the Sixties: Chevelle V

chevelle v

From left to right: Jimmy Bearden, Bobby Vannoy, Charlie Taylor, Joe Baccus and Jack Chisholm

Chevelle V were formed in 1963 and consisted of musicians drawn from a number of different Abilene, Texas based garage bands. The band were first formed as The Chevelles and originally started with Joe Baccus on lead vocals, Jack Chisholm on lead guitar and vocals, Bobby Vannoy on rhythm guitar and vocals, Jimmy Bearden on bass guitar and vocals and Charlie Taylor on drums. The band was active from 1963 to 1969 and had different line-ups over the years. They were one of the most active bands in the Texas area and played in many college dances and stage shows. And at some point playing simultaneously in different sections of a music hall with The Sparkles (one of best in the Texas Scene). Soon after The Chevelles changed their name to Chevellve V as there was another band of the same name in Austin.

In 1965 with the departure of Baccus and Bearden, Don Nicholas (to be lead singer), and Tommy Nixon (as bass payer) were recruited from The Coachmen. With the new members, Chevelle V continued playing all around Texas and recorded several songs including “Come Back Bird”, a highly collectable 45 these days. In 1966, after Don Nicholas was replaced by Tommy Swindle, the band entered a battle of bands competition which included almost 600 bands and Chevelle V were the winner. The Prize was a record deal and a recording session at the Dot Record Company studio in Los Angeles where the band cut their single “Dangling Little Friends” b/w “Stone and Steel Man” on the Titan label. One year later Jack Chisholm was replaced by Stan Smith from The Sparkles and then drummer Charlie Taylor was replaced by Rick Cobb from The Bloodrock. Not long after, in 1969, the band was disbanded.

If you want to read about the whole long story as the band member remembers, please see Charlie Taylor’s post on the “1960s Garage Bands” website.

I will leave you with their single “Come Back Bird”. Cheers!

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