Sunny Psych Pop On A Winters Day….Meet, The Smoking Trees

smoking trees

Now this is something I’ll bet you haven’t heard before. Psych music right out of 68 mixed with hip hop backbeats. Overall the vibe is heavy on The Beatles, as it should be. You can tell these guys know what they’re doing the added sounds throughout , the sitar, cool stuff and that hip hop touch is glueing it all together making you wonder , what’s coming up next. I think George Martin would love this…

Meet…The Smoking Trees

Hi our name is….

TST: The Smoking Trees from Los Angeles, California,

And our sound might be best described as….
TST: Psychedelic Pop meets Hip Hop in 1968.

We are…..

TST: Sir Psych and L.A.AL

We are originally from…..

SIR PSYCH: I was baked in Dallas, grown and processed in Arizona, and manufactured here in Los Angeles.

L.A.AL: I’m and L.A. baby. Born on the Sunset Strip and raised in East L.A.

The first time we met was…..

L.A.AL: In 2001, while in college I got a job at a record store that Sir Psych was working at. On my first day there we were introduced as co-workers and instantly connected through music.

We knew we were going to be a Band when………

SIR PSYCH: When we first jammed out. We harmonized great together and I started showing him some psych records in my collection he’s never heard. We stared writing our own psychedelic songs just after that.

Before starting the band we were employed as…….

TST: We were co-workers at Tower Records in Los Angeles.

The first song we wrote was…….

SIR PSYCH: We wrote a few songs with other musicians for a few years until 2003, when we really wrote together for the first time. We wrote and recorded “Morning Music from Yesterday” in the bathroom of my studio apartment, which was big enough for a drum set, guitar, and amp. We feel it was our “break out” song in way, being that we found our sound while we recorded it.

It’s about……

L.A.AL: It’s about waking up in the morning with the sunshine in your face, which sets the perfect tone to the beginning, through the ending, of a lovely day.

What we are currently listening to….

L.A.AL: Morgen Delt, Cage the Elephant, and lots of Beatles.

SIR PSYCH: Lots of static filled records of everything. Currents bands that levitate me are White Fence, label mates The Sufis, Cairo Gang to name a few.

Our craziest gig ever was….

L.A.AL: In the 90’s, my first time playing live was at a backyard gig in East L.A. We were a punk rock band and as we started playing, the crowd was moshing, yelling, and was really getting into us. So much that one of the guys in the mosh pit ended up in our drummers kick drum. We played the only few songs we wrote, and the crowd wanted more, so we played a few of them over again. It was the first time I felt like a rock star.

A few Albums we can’t be without….
L.A.AL: Revolver and Rubber Soul from The Beatles. The Beatles taught me everything I love about the 60’s. Another album would be Love “Forever Changes”. It always reminds me of L.A. when I’m cruising with it on. “Forever Changes” really brings out the color of Los Angeles.
SIR PSYCH: Here’s a few that impacted me throughout the years. The Left Banke: “Pretty Ballerina/Walk away Renee” (1966), Lord Finesse & DJ Mike Smooth: Funky Technician (1990) Mazzy Star: “So tonight that I might see” (1993), Beachwood Sparks: “Beachwood Sparks” (2000).

For fun we like to…..

SIR PSYCH: Make music. Our best songs are made during fun times.

The one thing we want you to remember while your listening to us……
SIR PSYCH: We want you to remember our distinct sound. A good headphone listen, then you will know what I’m talking about. You might have to speed it up or slow it down, and possibly play it in reverse to totally capture our whole musical spectrum.

Expect from us in 2014 …..
SIR PSYCH: Expect a new album from The Smoking Trees later in the year, and possibly a second one. I felt we recorded an album that is perfect for the Summer, so keep your ears and eyes open to Ample Play Records, Burger Records, Active Listener Records, and Colour Tree Records for future sounds.

The Smoking Trees, Facebook

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