Square Zeros, Present ZeroFest 2 ..4 days , 20+ Bands (March 5-8) Manhattan and Brooklyn

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This is a new partnership with Square Zeros and 50thirdand3rd. Bettina reached out to us and asked me if we could help spread the word about ZeroFest 2. I’ve worked with Bettina via King Pizza Records and the Band she is in , The Rizzos and it seems she isn’t busy enough so now she is also with Square Zeros and they are getting ready for Zerofest 2. So what’s Square Zeros? This will be from their site…Square Zeros.com

Square Zeros is a podcast and blog about musicians and their origins. We talk to musicians we love about their earliest recordings. More often than not, that means their high school bands. Everyone starts somewhere — we love it.

back to me…
Seeing that there are 20+ bands stretched out over 4 days, I think what I will do is put up a few tracks over the course of the next 2 weeks leading up to ZeroFest 2 . Square Zeros are also featuring the Bands and writing up some cool stuff introducing you to their lineup. I will direct you to them for more info and tickets…

some tracks to get you started.. again this is from

Square Zeros.com ( ZeroFest 2)

visit them for more info…

Some tracks from the Bands playing Thursday Night March 5th at The Cake Shop

ZeroFest 2: Infernal Equinox OPENING NIGHT!
Thursday, March 5th at Cake Shop, 152 Ludlow Street
The Planes — Concord America — The Black Black — The Teen Age — iVAMANOS!
8pm–12:30am, 21+, $8

Stay tuned in to 50thirdand3rd for Part 2…..


Square Zeros ZeroFest 2: Infernal Equinox, four-day, twenty-plus-band festival running from March 5–8 across Manhattan and Brooklyn.

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