Courtney Barnett – AB Club, Brussels – Nov. 16, 2014…


The 26-year-old Australian singer-songwriter is on a never ending tour since releasing her debut ‘The Double EP: A Sea Of Split Peas’ (eh… compilation of two EP’s) last year.
She’s a fascinating songsmith writing daily gripping stories in a compelling, at times sarcastic/deadpan, way. Her musical taste varies from country to grunge and her cool, laconic voice fits her muses perfectly. She’s labeled from ‘too lazy to fix her broken TV’ slacker to indie rocker to rambling folkster. Whatever, she’s a striking revelation to me (‘Avant Gardner’ – audio on top – is one of the best songs in recent years !).
She plays her first Belgian concert in the 150-capacity ‘AB’ club in Brussels. First and definitely the last time that I will be ‘eye to eye’ with the supersonically rising star from down under.

Hey, Courtney, I’m standing here…

For some reason I have that image that a singer-songwriter is sitting on a barstool or at the piano. Nothing of that tonight. Backed by a three-piece band, the Melbourne artist takes the stage… to rock. Playing left-handed electric guitar she continuously trades licks with thrilling guitarist Dan Luscombe (from The Drones). She swings her guitar and moves constantly back and forth with her hair flying in all directions. Bass player Bones Sloane and drummer Dave Mundie know all the right tricks and keep pumping up the grooves. The overall result is a glorious rock drive and lots of electrifying climaxes. Sloane’s one time introduction “She’s Courtney Barnett and we are her bitches” is spot on. This band kicks ass.

One of the bitches – guitarist Dan Luscombe…

To surprise us one last time Barnett played one encore (new song ‘Depreston’)… on her own. Superbly. With her promise of a proper debut album early next year, followed by another tour, we all dive, impressed and with a big smile, into the night.

“I’ll be back soon, Brussels…’

(All pics: JL)

‘Anonymous Club’ – A beauty of a song…

‘Pickles From The Jar’ – Catching wordplay-based love song…


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