Trix, Antwerp – December 10, 2014…

Casa (29)

Perfect son-in-law…

Tyranny the new sideline album by the ideal rock and roll son-in-law Julian Casablancas and his gang came as a mighty brutal punch in your face. Definitely in mine.
No pop, no arena rock, no tunes you can whistle under the shower. What you get is eccentric post punk noise mixed with fuzzy electronica. The songs are about frustration, alienation and sadness. Casablancas wants to shake off his demons and also his ‘cute boy’ appeal I guess. The result is a glorious mess of noise.


Apocalypse now …

And live… the songs get a ‘apocalypse now’ treatment. Ear damaging blasts. The Voidz look all like convicts but convicts with an incredible musicianship and a king-sized jam creativity. Loud-is-more is their credo and at times it seems as they play all a different song at the same time.

Casa (30)

Two convicts…

Meanwhile Casablancas’ voice fights constantly to be heard over the metal music machine. His vocals range from robosoul falsetto to a death-metal howl. ‘Where no Eagles Fly’ and ‘Crunch Punch’, two riff-heavy monsters and my fav ‘Tyranny’ tracks, are outstanding. A Strokes song is announced as a cover and things get calm just for a couple of minutes when the pin up rock star sings a second cover “I’ll Try Anything Once” (the original demo that eventually turned into The Strokes’ hit “You Only Live Once.”) just accompanied by his synth player.

Casa (12) - kopie

And now a cover song…

The die hard fans in front don’t sing along, they scream along. Unfortunately they keep screaming between songs too. Yes, Julian will be the cute one until his last breath although you can barely see him tonight (the light rig never illuminated on his face for the entire show). Anyway, he has my respect for his ‘I don’t care how many copies I sell’ attitude, the excellent freakish album and this triumphant exorcism perfomance. You don’t need that other band anymore, JC !


Triumphant excorcism…

Here’s the Tyranny album…


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