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Harry Howes has my dream job.

As Scott has mentioned many times, one of the thrills of being a part of 50third, beyond hearing amazing music, is working with people that share the same passion for music that we do.

A while back I got an email from Harry at Almost Ready Records out of Brooklyn, about an amazing band called Bummers Eve – we did a Record of the Day (HERE!) and have a “Meet the Band” coming soon!

Harry then followed that email up by sending me some music by Ravi Shavi, Atlantic Thrills, and Laurice as well as letting me know he’s got a 7″ of demos from The Hunches coming. The Hunches!!

You see Harry runs, not one, but three labels. One of those labels – Last Laugh, has Harry combing the back catalogs of long lost punk and power pop bands and rereleasing these out of print nuggets. A dream job if you ask me!

Just one look at the roster of bands had me salivating: The Incredible Kidda Band, Sneaky Pinks, The Normals, The Zeros, Liquor Store, The Spivs, Grand Trine, Tav Falco, to name a few.

We have a few things up our sleeve to bring you more music from Almost Ready/Last Laugh/Mighty Mouth in the near future and we certainly hope this will be a long and fruitful relationship!

lastlaugh Print

Here’s a little bit about Harry and what he’s up to:

I had the idea to start Almost Ready in late 2006 all the while planning a move from Massachusetts to Hawaii. After high school I was starting to get bored with punk and got obsessed with country blues. Compilations on Yazoo was the high water mark for me. Soon after I got really into KBD punk – namely through the Killed By Death comps. So for awhile I pretty much only listened to music that was made between 1927-1933 and 1977-82. The start of Almost Ready (2007 in Hilo, Hawaii) was the 7″ compilation titled “The World’s Lousy With Ideas” which was a line in a novel by Louis Ferdinand Celine – I read it around the same time I was heavy into KBD and would make mix tapes for friends with that title. Guess it was born from the love of comps and maybe I figured it would be easier to get one song from a band instead of trying to do a single or album.

From there: More comps ( World’s Lousy is up to #9 now…who knows how many different covers — each band as well as friends designed covers for each record – so same record probably had upwards of 10 different covers), singles, albums. Didn’t last too long in HI – been stationed in NYC since Dec 2008. In 2010 I started a reissue label – Last Laugh Records which focuses on reissuing some of my favorite KBD punk singles from the late 70s / early 80s as well as unearthing unreleased stuff from the era. Every day I wish that I hadn’t started a second label and just did everything as Almost Ready. Last Laugh was strictly for punk – and I found myself wanting to release other stuff that wouldn’t fit on either label…so in 2011 came Mighty Mouth Music. Reissues and archival recordings mostly from the 60s-80s. garage to psych to glam…even some country, rockabilly and disco.

Dig in, you won’t be disappointed!

Laurice (UK – by way of Kelowna, British Columbia) – Once a retro dance/disco and smooth jazz singer with a fascinating history (he wrote and performed the the underground 1973 pre-punk hit When Christine Comes Around (I’m Gonna Smash Your Face In) as Grudge). Laurice lays down a wicked ode to Bowie, Bolan, and Cooper but maintains originality – so damn good.

Laurice – Facebook

Ravi Shavi – awesome garage pop, power pop rock and roll – classic Elvis Costello and Nick Lowe with the trash of Ty Segall. From Rhode Island.

Ravi Shavi – Facebook

Atlantic Thrills – Wicked good surf and psych soaked garage punk from Providence, Rhode Island.

Atlantic Thrills – Bed Bugs


Atlantic Thrills – Facebook

The Incredible Kidda Band – amazing British power pop from the late 70s (most well-known for their song “Everybody Knows”). Bitch was previously unreleased. Greatness!

The Incredible Kidda Band

The Hunches! ’nuff said.

The Hunches – Facebook


Almost Ready – Facebook

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