A Song Dedicated to Money Machine…PINK FLOYD

PINK FLOYD will release a 27-Disc EARLY YEARS Box Set with unreleased (read: lousy quality) recordings and films! You can buy it for 650 US Dollars / 495 £ / 585 euro ! It’s only rock and roll, folks, but also only for the rich! The unscrupulous hawks behind every mega band, behind every so called essential mega (re)release, behind every mega festival, behind every mega stadium tour, just want one bloody thing… your money! They don’t care one bit about the music itself and/or what it stands for, uh sorry, what it STOOD for… about 70 years ago! If you’re crazy about music, but you are a teenager, a student, an unemployed, an impecunious person who needs money for his sick child (so much more than we realize) or just damn poor (even more than we realize) you have bad luck… as usual. The big business junkies just ignore you with a you’re a loser grin on their faces. It’s not about making money anymore, it’s about making MORE money. Filthy capitalism! A sick thing you will never read one word about in mega music magazines like Rolling Stone, Uncut, NME and many more. Remember that cynical early seventies song?…

Money, so they say
is the root of all evil today…

Here’s one for all greedy sharks, sing it Billy…

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