SLEATER-KINNEY Released Powerhouse Punk Album ‘DIG ME OUT’ Twenty Years Ago…

Mighty powerful trio SLEATER-KINNEY reinjected female punk back in the nineties with passionate fire, ardent rage and outspoken leftist statements. Third album DIG ME OUT released 20 years ago today, 8 April 1997, was a smashing powerhouse from start to finish and definitely a key album in their exciting career. Riot grrrll fury at its very best. Hell yeah!

What the press said…

“Dig Me Out captures the noise of a soul-filled body shaking itself awake, and that’s an experience that bridges any gender divide. In it, guys as well as girls will hear the rattle of their brains and the flash of their libidos. The catharsis Sleater-Kinney seek is more than just fun. It’s a battle in earnest for the human right to know and possess yourself. Feminism was supposed to be about that fight, too, but it’s still sputtering under the weight of its own complacency. Sleater-Kinney push us back into the fray. If they wanna be our Simone de Beauvior, Dig Me Out proves they’re up to it.”

“When Sleater-Kinney’s Corin Tucker and Carrie Brownstein proclaimed “I Wanna Be Your
Joey Ramone” on 1996’s Call the Doctor, they were laying down a dare to themselves and the Nineties indie-rock scene. The band’s next album, Dig Me Out, made good on that promise. Adding powerhouse drummer Janet Weiss, the Olympia, Washington, trio’s feminist punk hit hard — from the elated rush of “Words and Guitar” to the raw romantic torment of “One More Hour.”

One of the highlights ‘One More Hour‘ live in 1998 in a record shop in New York…

Here’s the hammer in full…

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