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Today we meet, The Dirty Clergy. This one is for all you rock ‘n’ roll kids . You have all you need in a rock band right here in The Dirty Clergy, cool harmonies, guitar licks , nice backbeat and songs you can sing along to. It’s not rocket science but it also isn’t something you can find every day, so much new music is just pre-fabed , computerized bs , it’s refreshing to wake up to some good old rock ‘n’ roll. It’s time for some more coffee, while I listen to the rest of this album and sing along to at the top of my lungs..

Meet – The Dirty Clergy

For those unfamiliar with your bands history, can you tell us all how you all met up and decided to start a band?

I will begin from the current lineup because that is what is not relevant aside from the part we started as a two piece folk band. However, our currently lineup came to be in this manner. When the two piece folk band decided to turn into a full on rock and roll band we brought in our bassist, Joshua Pope who has since turned into a guitarist. Brad, the singer, and I have known each other since high school and we would always get together on weekends and just roll with something and record it on a little tape player back in 2004, 5. Cody, the drummer, and Ky, the bassist were best friends from a neighboring town that we didn’t know. After our 2012 Midwest tour our drummer and bassist left us. Luckily they knew some replacements. Those replacements are now permanent and this lineup of The Dirty Clergy will be the forever lineup that you see barring some catastrophic incident. The reason I wanted to start a rock band was influenced by witnessing the most rock and roll show I’ve ever seen. I drove to St. Louis to see Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Band of Skulls. That’s when I knew I wanted to leave the folk behind and do some rock stuff.

who would you list as your musical influence?

The reason I began playing guitar was Jack White back in 2000 I guess. I don’t listen to him much anymore. I’ve always enjoyed music and the process of making it. I like studio work better than playing live. A few other influences of mine, and for the other members, are The Raveonettes, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Frank Sinatra, The Killers, I could name tons. We are influenced by a lot of different things, I think that’s what makes us very compatible.

What’s the coolest thing that’s happened to you as a band since you started up?

We have been on mtvU, AXS-TV, our new records is currently sitting in the top 10 on KKBB album charts and our single ;Summer Day’s is at number 4 on that same singles chart. Little by little we keep chipping away at the big picture. Obviously our tours are on this list as well. It’s fun to travel and meet people, stay at strangers houses and eat their food 🙂

What are your hopes and dreams as a band for the next few years?

To be frank, it’s to be known. To be relevant. To change mainstream radio. I know that is a yeah, right moment, but what good are hopes and dreams if you don’t have them and have little incentives on the way?

What are some of your favorite albums from the past few years?

Awolnation – Megalithic Symphony

The Strokes – Comedown Machine

Raveonettes – Pe’ahi

Weezer – White Album

Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes – PersonA

The Gaslight Anthem – Get Hurt

Ryan Adams – 1989 (much better than Taylor Swift’s version.)

Do you see any real use for social media, or is it all just a pain in the ass to keep with?

Yeah, it’s helpful to get the word our for some things. I don’t like how it has all become powered by money, but what in this country isn’t? It gets annoying having to post the same things over on each network. We mainly just do Twitter and Facebook. We lag on Instagram and Reverbnation some.

Do you pay attention to reviews or comments from people about your music or do you just turn that noise off?

I pay no attention to reviews. I’ll read them, but in the end it’s our music and who’s to say our music is right or wrong? It’s your creation you can do with it what you want. If you like it great, if not, go listen to something else. I will note that our new album Rattlesnake hasn’t really had a bad word said about it. It’s very diverse and you won’t know what to expect next once you get to listening to it.

If you could tour anywhere in the world, where would you want to go?

I’m completely satisfied with the U.S.A. I’ve always wanted to hit South America though. The way the world is right now, I wouldn’t want to wander too far.

Can music save the mortal soul or is just a good backbeat to your life?

Music can save lives. Music can change moods. Music can make a better life.

Any last thoughts for your fans?

Go listen to our album, stream it, buy it, tell your friends, share our videos from YouTube, buy our merch. Anything to keep us going. Word of mouth goes a long way.

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