“Simple, spazzy, snotty garage pop two piece” , Meet -Tasty

here we go , a band that knows how to have a whole lot of fun, I dig the attitude that runs through these tracks . These guys reached out to us because of our coverage of Gonerfest , so Eric if you are out there tuned in , give Tasty a listen , they’re right up Goner Records alley.

Meet ,Tasty

for those unfamiliar with your bands history, can you tell us all how you all met up and decided to start a band

We met through mutual friends in other bands who also happen to be our neighbors in the duplex we live in now. Jay moved to Columbus around a year ago from the Cleveland area, he needed a roommate and i needed an out from the farm town I was born and raised in called Marysville. I had started writing these songs with another close friend back home but he had horrible stage fright and we had a falling out. Jay was wide open to playing from the moment i moved in at summer’s start.

who would you list as your musical influence
Crusty old rock and rollers who didn’t make it out alive. Musicians like Buddy Holly, Eddie Cochran, Brian Jones, Bobby Pyn.

whats the coolest thing that’s happened to you as a band since you started up?

During the summer months we record a song called “No Kids”. We put it out on bandcamp for no less than one dollar and raised $185 for planned parenthood! It was almost defunded here in Ohio earlier in the year.

what are your hopes and dreams as a band for the next few years.

We would like to put out an LP. There’s something about immortalizing your work on wax that has had me spellbound since I was a kid. The fact that this tangible thing would be around looong after we are dead is really cool to me. Touring as well. I don’t know about Jay, but my family never went on vacations, really. I haven’t seen much of the world, let alone our own country and I see playing as the perfect opportunity to do so. I already have my passport and everything..mostly so I can flee if Drumpf becomes president but i’d rather use it to tour TASTY before the world ends.

what are some of your favorite albums from the past few years?

A lot of friends records have floored me recently. Bloody Show’s “Root Nerve” (Heel Turn Records), Sex Tide’s “Vernacular Splatter” and basically anything Winston (Hightower) is doing. I’ve been pretty obsessed with Shopping’s “Consumer Complaints” and Post Pink’s “I Believe you, OK’. Dancey post punk ear candy.

Jay: Yung Goodgoodnotbad. Klaus Johann Grobe’s “Im Sinne der Zeit”

Do you see any real use for social media , or is it all just a pain in the ass to keep with?

It helps more than it hinders…we think. Smash that “like” and we’ll see.

Do you pay attention to reviews or comments from people about your music or do you just turn that noise off.

Don’t care. We’re snarky enough on stage as it is. The music’s structure is supposed to be fun and dumb.

If you could tour anywhere in the world , where would you want to go.

Would love to do Europe and slum it in hostiles. Smoke hash. Maybe get lost and never come back. Sell ourselves to the sex trade.

Can music save the mortal soul or is just a good backbeat to your life.

It’s make music or die in a ditch at this point.

Any last thoughts for your fans?

Fill your life with things you love to do! Buy records! Smoke weed! Eat sweets!


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