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Although the members hail from Australia and the US this most exciting young post punk quartet found each other at university in Montreal. They write songs about disaffection and fear. They question life and they try to find out how they want to live theirs ! They produce electric charged sonic strokes with singer/guitarist Tim Beeler’s sharp, emotional vocals on top. Think an adrenalized Television fronted by a young, messed up David Byrne (I guess they’re tired of that comparison by now. In interviews Ought themselves drop names like Yo La Tengo and eh… Roy Orbison as emo influence !). Their magnificent debut album More Than Any Other Day, created and shaped at jam sessions and inspired by mass student demonstrations, will be in many end-of-the-year-lists ! I was lucky to catch them this week on their first ever European tour…

‘Our generation…’

AB Club, Brussels – November 20, 2014…

It’s always a buzz to witness upcoming talented upstarts performing in a small club at point NOW, when they happen and before they hit the bigger venues next time. Tim Beeler, the charismatic frontman is the attraction in the middle. With his conversational vocal style, nervous body language and tons of ‘angry young man’ energy he gets all the attention (except for that moment that the drummer plays… violin !). Meanwhile the band’s furious post punk guitar attacks and frenzied drum beats explode like emotional breakdowns. But they always stand up and fight back. Grandiose ! Don’t miss them on their journey through life and to the top…


‘Oh no, there he goes again…’


‘Just wondering where my shoes are…’

Here’s the debut album in full…


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