SHOUT OUT ! My number one album of 2014 !


From left to right: Sean Yeaton (bass) – Max Savage (drums) – Andrew Savage (vocals & guitar) – Austin Brown (vocals & guitar)

Their second album, the 2012 breakthrough Light Up Gold was a garage punk slam dunk. My fav album of that year. Sunbathing Animal, this year’s follow-up is another highly fuelled up longplayer. The quartet grew up in Texas and moved to New York a couple of years ago. You can hear the 24/7 city’s craziness in their songs.

Musically it’s about staccato machine gun beats, hypnotic riffs, twisted hooks and furious jams. All served with garage punk speed (‘Ducking and Dodging’ and title track ‘Sunbathing Animal’). But this time they produced also some slow-building psychedelic monsters (‘She’s Rolling’ and ‘Instant Disassembly’). The stories’ tone of songwriters Andrew Savage and Austin Brown is cynical & bitter and at times arrogant & straight in your face. Freaky stuff ! You really need several spins to track down the genius of this animal. Think… The Eccentric Velvet Underground ! Jonathan Richman & the Mindblowing Trash Lovers ! Pavement Punkers on Speed !

Perfect !

Here comes the craziness…

Glastonbury Festival (UK) last summer…


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