SEX PISTOLS Shocked The United Kingdom 40 Years Ago – But Nothing Has Changed Today…

‘God Save The Queen’ by SEX PISTOLS

Forty years ago today – 27 May 1977 – the SEX PISTOLS released controversial single
GOD SAVE THE QUEEN. A timeless punk banger that shocked the conservative United Kingdom. I just loved their confident rage, their controversial attitude, their middle finger for
the capitalistic establishment and Johnny Rotten‘s new generation charisma. These outcasts
were just sensational, highly inspiring and made the best punk rock album ever!…

So what’s the status today, 40 years later? Well, after several reunion tours the legendary
four-piece filled their pockets with tons of money. Face & voice John ‘Rotten’ Lydon recently became an American citizen (obviously inspired by Obama he claimed) after living for many years now in a huge mansion in Los Angeles and he stated on several talk-shows (selling another book, again) a couple of months ago that idiot Trump is a ‘possible friend and in a
way a political Sex Pistol
‘ and Brexit (read: old Brittania going back to intolerance, racism
and egoism) is a great thing for the UK as that is what the working class wanted and ‘ I’m one of them and I’m with them’‘ waffled the nowadays irrelevant punk has-been. And, oh yeah, the Queen is still in charge. Wow, what a revolution! We’re back at point zero. Over the years punk became a million dollars business and their early figureheads, like the Pistols, became silly stand-up comedians and greedy chameleons. Sad, really sad…

The good old days: bloody loud, damn cool and pretty anarchistic…

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  • Disagree completely. The Pistols never indulged in knee-jerk leftism. One of the refreshing aspects of early punk, before it became just another uniform, was that the punks gave the finger to both Left and Right. But as always, punk followed the writers. If you want to point the finger any finger at the one inventor of punk it is Lester Bangs. Bands played the music before Lester, going back to God knows when, but Lester was the first to articulate and champion the beauty of loud/fast/relentless/with heart. The punks were his teen readers, and their crazy friends. When Lester started getting more political, after he moved to New York, so did the bands. The anarchy was gone from the lyrics. From then until now now political lyrics are 99.7% lock-step university leftism. That’s a little sad but there are other things to sing about.

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