Sex Pistols … Not a Fairy Tale !

One winter day in 1977 (I was 19) I saw and heard the Sex Pistols on Dutch television for the first time. My (rock) world changed in 3 minutes flat. The raw power punk rock of ‘Anarchy in the UK’, the looks, the attitude, it all hit me in the face and … they were the same age as me (all rock stars at the time were ‘adults’) ! As a student I started to do extra jobs to collect as much money as possible to go to London as much weekends as possible in order not to miss anything of the ‘punk’ scene. This sounds as big fun (at least for me). But I was not living in the UK and didn’t really notice what was going on in the country besides this new exciting music. The ‘Filth and the Fury’ tells the whole and quite sad story. It’s an amazing eye opening documentary by English filmmaker Julien Temple about those young brats … and the terrible state the UK was in. He puts the band into the historical context with Britain’s social situation in the 1970s through archival footage from that era. In my opinion “Never mind the Bollocks …” is one of the most explosive rock albums ever and inspired generations of youngsters to start a band. Have a seat in the front row …

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