Scotty Bratcher at SoundHarvest Festival

I got to hang backstage with Scotty Bratcher of the Scotty Bratcher Band after he played and opened up the big stage for the SoundHarvest Festival here in Nashville on Saturday. The weather was amazing and the acts were huge! It was a real intimate crowd for a festival being so late into the year, but I liked the cooler weather compared to the blaring heat of Bonnaroo or another summer festival. Scotty Bratcher definitely got the crowd going as he rocked the stage, riffs from his electric guitar echoing into the crowd. His voice is pure rock with his sound resembling that of Chris Robinson or Gregg Allman. Perfect for a jam fest! Talking to him he is so genuine too. He loves his fans and playing live. As long as he has a guitar in his hands he’s happy…

Do you like playing festivals?

It’s so much fun! I get to play for an hour and then talk for a bit and just hang out the rest of the day.

I bet you get a lot of new fans this way.

We try, that’s our goal. Not to be rich and famous but to have fans, to be able to do this.

How did you feel about opening up The SoundHarvest Festival?

I thought it was great! It’s the first year, it’s symbolic for us. This is the first time the band was all here and able to play in Nashville.

How did you learn to play the guitar like that?

Completely self-taught. I am so unorthodox in everything I do and I when I learned to play piano, my hands were all weird and it felt strange. So I taught myself the guitar.

Your voice is amazing, you sound a lot like Chris Robinson or Gregg Allman. How did you adapt your sound?

Oh gosh, I love both of those guys. I have been on a huge Black Crowes kick lately. They are just amazing doing this for so long and all their stuff is still so relevant. You try to sound like your heroes without ripping them off. Its sort of a combination of everyone I loved to hear sing. So I guess accidentally. The short answer to this question would be I came upon my sound accidentally. [Laughing]

How did you think of how you played today?
I thought it was a lot of fun. We play great when the crowd is enjoying it, we have a good time on stage. My goal is to make the crowd have a good time and that takes any nerves away.

So what is next for you?

Laughlin, Nevada. We have a very short, but long run, 5000 miles in 3 days. Nevada back to Springfield, Indiana and we get to play there for Halloween, my birthday then back home. Love being on the road, drives me crazy to have any time off. Festival season is over so I am hanging out with friends, playing with them just to stay busy. If there is a guitar in my hands, I am happy.

So check him out, Mr. Scotty Bratcher. You can follow him on Facebook and Twitter and read more about him and his band on his website. Great voice and excellent guitar skills, I was so impressed watching him play.


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