SALES; Orlando’s best kept secret is finally spilling the beans it deserves

Now when it comes to Orlando, nothing really screams commercial suburbia like a town recognized for Disney World and killer whale abuse. Being a native, born and raised like the little orange grove baby I am, I was beyond pleasantly surprised to discover that one of my favorite music duos is actually from the same worm hole I’ve crawled out of! Honestly, one of the most nationalistic moments I’ve had about my home state yet! Sales, the band, not the numbers on cashier’s receipt, consists of Lauren Morgan and Jordan Shih. Now, I really want to find the right comparison for these guys, but nothing really comes close to what they managed to accomplish; dreamy electric echos meets painfully honest expressions. True to pain, to heart ache, to angst yet I still can’t even help but want to bop my head and tap my toes too! Now I could really go on forever about Lauren’s voice. Soft as silk; the delicacy of her fragility is unlike anything I’ve yet to hear. Best part is, she sounds EXACTLY like her recorded songs, but…better? I’ve been to a handful of their shows in 2016, including the release show of their most recent self titled LP, and let me tell you, they are one of the best bands to watch IRL. Friendly, down to earth, real people who will talk to you after the show and acknowledge your existence regardless of their godly talent. What I enjoy the most about these two, is the absolute originality. You know, influences are sometimes very easy to pick up with musicians, however, I can’t really put a finger on these guys. They managed to make pop feel less dance-y and more trance-y? Make sense? Anyway, they are most definitely worth a listen.



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