SadGirl – Little Queenie: New Video Stripped Down and Crooning

Tonight’s the night! Tonight I am heading to Toronto to finally check out one of my favorite bands live – SadGirl.

Their brand new  Tarantinoesque video features the stripped down croon of Little Queenie, a gorgeous love song to a distant partner (not the often covered Chuck Berry song) off their EP SadGirl Volume 3 – The Hand That Did the Deed.

Close your eyes Little Queenie
Go to sleep soon
I’ll be dreamin in a hurry
So I can dream of you

Aint no reason to cry
Aint no reason to doubt
Aint no reason to lie

I love you
My Baby Blue
I love you
My Suzie Q
I love you

Close your eyes don’t be worried
I will always be there
I’ll be over in a hurry
Any time your scared

There aint nothin wrong
Thats why I wrote you this song
It’ll always be true

I love you
My Baby Blue
I love you
My Suzie Q

I love you

SadGirl is essentially genre-defying, but I do like their description: “Like a twisted marriage between Roy Orbison and The Cramps (ordained by Link Wray) SadGirl invokes the music of a by-gone era. But don’t be fooled, these aren’t the tunes from Uncle Jimmy’s juke box…”

They are currently on tour with Chicano Batman.


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