As strange as it sounds, contradictions play an important part in today’s music scene. We live in the streaming age. Kids pay a monthly fee to hear every song ever made. Yet physical album sales are on the rise due to vinyl. Nashville is known for country music, but it’s arguably America’s premier location for rock n roll. Another contradiction is the importance of local scenes. Our favorite bands might come from across the world, but our local indie artists are putting out the kind of music that just feels like home.

Two of Nashville’s finest indie bands, The By Gods and Sad Baxter have just set out on a tour.

With their love of distorted grunge hooks and abrasive beats, a nation-wide tour seemed like a no brainer. Combine that with an exclusive split EP, and you’ve got one of the summer’s most promising rock n roll tours! I was fortunate enough to have a chat with Alex and Deezy, the duo that makes up Sad Baxter, right before their tour began. The perfect primer for everyone to meet their new favorite band.

Aaron: For those out there who don’t know, just who is Sad Baxter and how did this band come about?

Alex: When we were in College we both lived in the same apartment building and on the same floor. We got to know each other and started playing music in bands together soon after that. Sad Baxter is the band that formed out of us playing together for almost 10 years.

Deezy: Alex lived down the hall from me and I had no friends so I left a note on his door basically being like “I thiiiink you guys go to school with me? Please be my friends?” Very pathetic, as is my style.


Aaron: I hear a lot of 90s influence in your sound, yet not exactly nostalgia. Who are some of the bands who influence you?

Alex: Early Weezer for sure! Alsooooo the Muffs!

Deezy: Nirvana, Hole, and Veruca Salt are definitely my biggest influences. I was listening to a LOT of Veruca Salt when I first started writing songs.

Community plays a big part in Nashville’s indie rock scene. Everyone knows each other to some degree.

Aaron: So this is a split release with The By Gods. Such a killer band! How did this split come about? Are you guys friends?
Alex: The By Gods are awesome! We got to know them cause they started coming out to our shows and talking with us about playing together. The first time I made it out to one of their shows I was blown away. Our mutual friend Mike Purcell knew The By Gods already and kinda facilitated the two bands meeting and playing together. He is actually the one who recorded both of the tracks on the tour split. When we started planning this tour Mike offered to record both of us at his studio, County Q, so that we would have more merch to sell at our shows. Thanks Mike!!!

Deezy: Yeah, Alex was mad at me for not meeting them ever after they had come out to a few shows. I went to go see them play a couple nights after we met and I felt like I was seeing my favorite band play even though I had never heard them before. I kept turning around to my friend behind me and going, “DUDE. They are SO GOOD.” I started stalking them after that and now they can’t get rid of me (sorry guys)

Aaron: So tell me about this tour. What can we expect?

Alex: Yeah we are on tour together right now actually! You can expect to see lots of sick synchronized dance routines and hear the most amazing rock and roll music that you will ever get a chance to hear ever in your LIFE!
 Deezy: My personal social media stuff will just be the By Gods asleep whenever one of em drifts off. I’m very excited.

Catching this tour adds an extra incentive; an exclusive split single.


Aaron: The split single with The By Gods, is only available on stops of the tour?

Alex: Yep! We only have them for sale at our shows for now so you all gotta come out and pick up a copy!


Aaron: How would you describe the local music scene in Nashville? I know some of my favorite bands are killing it there. The Lees Of Memory, Transylvania Stud, Repeat Repeat, Hurts To Laugh, so much more!


Alex: The Nashville music scene is really awesome. There’s a lot of energy and it’s really motivating to see all these bands coming out of Nashville and just slaying it! It’s competitive for sure, but if you’re trying to do something you can definitely find people to get on board and help make it happen. Check out Cold Lunch Recordings if you don’t know about them, they’re the ones that are putting out the split. They have a really great community around them, put out pretty much all of my favorite local band’s records, and have really sweet shows.


Aaron: What are you guys currently listening to?

Alex: Charly Bliss’ new record Guppy and the new Real Estate record In Mind.

Deezy: I second the Charly Bliss album. They are so good. I’ve recently become obsessed with the band Dinosaur Pile-Up, but I have to be honest…..I have had almost nothing but Red Hot Chili Peppers stuck in my head for the past month. Everyone who knows me thinks I’ve finally lost my mind.

Aaron: Are you sure you can’t hook me up with a copy of the new split?

Alex: For now you just have to come out to a show and pick one up!

Deezy:  You have to give me a Garfield-themed gift.


For more info on Sad Baxter, please visit them on Facebook

Don’t miss the opportunity to see Sad Baxter on tour with The By Gods and pick up your copy of the split EP.

The By Gods + Sad Baxter tour dates







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