Roadkill Radio #25: For the Dictators, For the Uncool, For the Kidney Killers

Giddiap on Roadkill each week as host Benny Two-Shoes cuts a swathe through your earholes with a stack of killer tunes ranging from psych to the psychotic and death metal to doo-wop.




Back from some weird form of hiatus -sounds like a strange rash- a sore-kidneyed Benny Two-Shoes returns Roadkill Radio to fine form regaling his listeners with mostly pointless musings about nothing in particular an of course, shoving a whole lot of killer rock ‘n’ roll tunes down our deep throats.

29 of them, in fact.

Here’s the playlist!


The Velvet Underground – ‘Sister Ray’

Finger Fingerrr – ‘Hypnotise’
Aquarian Blood – ‘Parasite Inside’
Debris – ‘Boyfriend’
Blast – ‘Hope’
Groundhogs – ‘Cherry Red’
G.G. Allin & the Jabbers – ‘Don’t Talk to Me’
Alan Vega – ‘Ghost Rider’
Neu! – ‘Crazy’
Ruins – ‘Skyscraper’
Christbait – ‘Yeast’
Goblin – ‘Suspiria Theme’
Death Valley Girls – ‘Disco’

Didjits – ‘Give it Back’
The Hipshakes – ‘Pass the Pan’
Purple Wizard – ‘I Kinda Think He Does’
Chuck Berry – ‘You Never Can Tell’
Bo Diddley – ‘Elephant Man’
The Heartbreakers – ‘Baby Talk’
Les Sexareenos – ‘Out to Sea’
King Khan & BBQ Show – ‘Truth or Dare’
Manitoba’s Wild Kingdom – ‘D.W.I.’
Ten High – ‘Pipe Dream’
Nox Boys – ‘Military School’
Black Randy & the Metrosquad – ‘Idi Amin’
Rhino 39 – ‘Xerox/No Compromise’
Symarip – ‘Skinhead Moonstomp’
The Strand – ‘Seconds Waiting’
Lou Reed – ‘The Gun’

Enjoy kids!



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Benny Two-Shoes

Filling the void between grouchy dinosaurism and current day hipster snobbery, Benny Two-Shoes is the type of guy who kidnaps control of the stereo at sweet sixteen parties and does not relinquish until every last teenybopper leaves a fully-fledged Stooges fan.   

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