Roadkill Radio #21: The World’s Longest Weather Report

Welcome to Roadkill’s very own weather report. It’s long, it’s excruciating and oh so irrelevant to anyone not stuck in the middle of it. But Benny Two-Shoes is, and now y’all gotta hear about it. But don’t fret! In between his monotonous and melodramatic synopsis, are some blitzkreiging songs featuring Roky Erickson, birthday boy Iggy Pop, Sulfur City, Les Sexareenos, David Bowie, Ms Moneynine and a whole lot more. Nerd Dancing is back too kids!

You might even hear Mrs. Two-Shoes sneak into the studio and belt Benny in the back of the head. Well deserved too.


This week’s playlist:

Melvins w/ JG Thirlwell ‘Station to Station’
Downtown Boys ‘A Wall’
Spotting ‘Beaut Dads’
Jesus and Mary Chain ‘In a Hole’
Sharkmuffin ‘Foul Play’
Roxy Music ‘Editions of You’ (Live)
David Bowie ‘Queen Bitch’ (Live)
Roky Erickson ‘Heroin’ (Live)
Iggy and the Stooges ‘Gimme Some Skin’
Girl Trouble ‘Gonna Find a Cave’
Lipstick Killers ‘I’ve Got Levitation’
The Living End ‘Leilani’
Les Sexareenos ‘Lights Out’
The Chob ‘We’re Pretty Quick’
Moneynine ‘Love Sick’
Sulfur City ‘Whispers’
Shooting At Unarmed Men ‘Girl’s Music’
Fungus Brains ‘Hairbrush’
Venom P. Stinger ‘Those Snakes’
Wire ‘Lowdown’
Go-Betweens ‘Karen’
Powder Monkeys ‘I Thank You’
Crime ‘Baby You’re So Repulsive’
The Dils ‘What Goes On’ (Live)

Enjoy hepcats!

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Benny Two-Shoes

Filling the void between grouchy dinosaurism and current day hipster snobbery, Benny Two-Shoes is the type of guy who kidnaps control of the stereo at sweet sixteen parties and does not relinquish until every last teenybopper leaves a fully-fledged Stooges fan.   

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