Roadkill Radio #29: Hurricane Billy Childish Will Fix Everything


As the tale end of hurricane Irma causes host Benny Two-Shoes a series of first world issues -don’t worry, you’ll hear all about it- we set about applying for a hurricane christening position, attempt really bad Eartha Kitt impersonations, dedicate an entire bracket of songs to mankind’s impending obliteration at the hands of two fat kids, dance like nerds and spin a whole stack of killer rockabilly, greaseball, trash, punk and garage tunes including a world premiere from The Prissteens courtesy of Girlsville Records!

Oh, and don’t forget to get your pious on for Roadkill Radio’s regular bedtime prayer. Peace be with you.



This week’s hurricane playlist:


Eartha Kitt  ‘I’d Rather Be Burned As a Witch’
The Valiants  ‘Don’t Wanna Leave the Congo’
Ken Williams  ‘My Very Own (Trash Can)
The Tramps  ‘Gran Chaco’
Macy Skipper  ‘Bop Pills’
Rockie Jackson  ‘Baby, Let’s Play House’
Bloodshot Bill  ‘Hypnotize’
Alex Chilton  ‘Bangkok’
The Cigarettes  ‘You We’re So Young’
The Controllers  ‘Neutron Bomb’
The Weirdos  ‘We Got the Neutron Bomb’
The Art Attacks  ‘Neutron Bomb’
Honey Bane  ‘Girl on the Run’
Fancy Rosie  ‘Punk Police’
Nuns  ‘Decadent Jew’
The Screamers  ‘Matar Dolores’
The Prissteens  ‘I Don’t Cry’
The Vapors  ‘Turning Japanese’
Action Swingers  ‘I Don’t Wanna Be This Way’
Crime  ‘Piss On Your Dog’
The Final Solutions  ‘In a Coma’
The Fun Things  ‘Savage’
Shonen Knife  ‘Antonio Baka Guy’
Los Bikini Lovers  ‘No, No, No’
Jay Reatard  ‘Blood Visions’
The Drags  ‘Mindbender’
Thee Headcoats  ‘The Day I Beat My Father Up’
The Cheap Nasties  ‘Cheap and Nasty’
The Pandoras  ‘Hot Generation’
Guitar Wolf  ‘Can-Nana Fever’
Ty Segall and Mikal Cronin  ‘Drop Dead Baby’
Together Pangea  ‘Sippy Cup’
Willie Alexander and the Boom Boom Boys  ‘Kerouac’


Enjoy and thanks for listening!




*Roadkill Radio would like to express our condolences at the passing of two greats of the music biz, Steely Dan’s Walter Becker and Can’s Holger Czukay. May both legends have a well-deserved rest in peace.

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