Roadkill Radio #32: Crocs Are Not Made For Public Consumption


Fashion tips from a man wearing nothing but a travel mug may seem a bit rich, but that’s just the sort of stupid tomfoolery you get when listening to Roadkill Radio. Plenty of punk, garage, rock and blues and an entertaining chat with Jake ‘Dr. Green’ England from The Caballeros await you in this fairytale wonderland we call the interwebs. Well, what are you doing? Don’t just sit there… HIT PLAY for Christ’s sake!


This week’s playlist:

Bo Diddley & Nina Hagen  ‘Diddley Daddy’ (Live)
Amyl & The Sniffers  ‘Balaclava Lover Boogie’
The Cavemen  ‘Stand By Your Ghoul’
Spotting  ‘Please’
The Coachwhips  ‘UFO, Please Take Her Home’
Elvis Presley  ‘Tomorrow Night’
The Beach Boys  ‘Surfin”
Charlie Megira  ‘Mali-Boo’
Purple Wizard  ‘Chiquita Mia’
King Khan & BBQ Show  ‘Animal Party’
The Caballeros  ‘On Loan’
Scientists  ‘Solid Gold Hell’
The Cheap Nasties  ‘Hit and Run’
The Victims  ‘Television Addict’
Lime Spiders  ‘Slave Girl’
Chrome Cranks  ‘Eight Track Mind’
The Acid Drops ‘Surfin’ Prostitute Beat’
Feedtime  ‘Social Suction’
Ten High  ‘Raw Emotion’
The Thick Un’s  ‘Wild Snakes’
Reverend Beat Man  ‘Come Back Lord’
The Mummies  ‘Stronger Than Dirt’
The Steve McQueens  ‘Everybody Hates Me’
The Rip-Offs ‘She Said Yeah’
Loli & The Chones ‘Make-Out Party’
The Devil Dogs ‘Twist and Burn’
Earl’s Family Bombers ‘Trash’
Bronxxx ‘Sore Throat’
Love ‘Signed D.C.’




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Coming up on next week’s show, we’ll take a look at the A-Z of drugs in music featuring an insane variety of mismatched weirdness and killer tracks that you may very well know and love. Don’t forget, if you want to strut the streets with Roadkill pride, you can purchase your very own t-shirts and more right here!

Thanks so much for listening!

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