REVIEW: Scully – “Hair”

We’re all aware of how well lightly distorted guitars and buckets of reverb combined with power pop sensibilities go together and in 2016, there isn’t a shortage of bands out there who take advantage of this resurgence of the sub-genre. On the other side of the spectrum is the popularity of psychedelic inspired acts, soaking their guitars in reverb but for more of an ominous effect instead of the bright and cheerful vibes of surf. Combining the two genres is Brooklyn New York’s Scully.

Coming straight off the summer release of an EP, comes a brand new 7″ release Hair. Side A  “No Dahl” begins with an atmospheric synth riff under a reverb soaked surf guitar arpeggio coming in and out like the tide at the beach. But instead of white sand and surfboards, it’s ominous waters that washes murder weapons away in the wee hours of the morning. It’s in this playful dance between pop and doom where Scully really shines as a band. When the undertones are dark and mysterious, the melody is upbeat and pop forward thanks to the angelic vocals.

scully4Playing into a similar theme is the instrumental B-side title track “Hair”. Instead of an ominous vibe of lush doom and gloom, it’s an upbeat pop track with tight drumming and a riff that’s next to impossible to fight the urge to dance! Without having the sinister vibes to carry the track, Scully adds their mystery with vicious guitar tone and Misfits-esque bass. It’s an interesting companion to the side A, and despite being a different feeling, they fit well with each other as a complete release. Both songs are the perfect introduction to the band and offer up something fans of both surf and psyche will certainly dig. If you hate surf, you probably hate rock n roll. I didn’t make the rules but I sure do abide by them.


As part of Greenway Records 7″ series, it’s obvious there’s a couple different variants to choose from. One being scully5a transparent “Jack O Lantern” orange, and the other being a clear, green and orange “Candy Corn” splatter with an alternate, hand-printed and spray painted cover by the always awesome Dan Curran Print Shop. With the Jack O Lantern variant limited to 200 copies and the Candy Corn splatter to 100, this 7″ is sure to go quick and become collector’s items just like the rest of the label’s 7″ releases!

For more info on Scully please visit their official website

To purchase either limited variant of Hair please visit Greenway Records


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